Family Coding Days

Technology and programming have often been reputed as solitary activities, with children and adults alike using phones, tablets, and computers separately without social interaction. Through family outreach events, the DevTech Research Group has identified a gap in family creative collaboration around technology. In the past we have piloted "Family Day" events at Tufts, where families with children ages 5-7 collaborate and make creative projects using the ScratchJr programming app or the KIBO Robotics kit. DevTech has received a great deal of positive feedback from these events, and they are a great way to further community outreach and engage parents and children in using technology together.

Emily Relkin, Madhu Govind, and Melissa Viezel are interested in exploring children and families' roles and interactions as they learn how to program and use technology collaboratively. For this research project, we are currently recruiting facilitators to host Family Coding Days in their schools, museums, after-school programs, community centers, or anywhere else where families can come together. The goal of Family Coding Days is not only to help adults and children feel more comfortable using KIBO or ScratchJr, but also to encourage collaboration between adults and children as they create projects together.

Interested in facilitating a Family Coding Day in your community?