Welcome to the DevTech Research Group!

The Developmental Technologies Research Group, directed by Prof. Marina Umaschi Bers at the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development, Tufts University, aims to understand how new technologies can play a positive role in children's development and learning. Our research involves three dimensions: theoretical contributions, design of new technologies and empirical work with populations to test and evaluate the theory and the technologies. Developmental technologies are computational tools and technologically-rich interventions purposefully designed and used with the goal of supporting young people in their developmental quest.

DevTech Updates:

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year from the DevTech Research Group! Check out our holiday video on YouTube, created by members of the DevTech team!


PBS Kids ScratchJr App

The Tufts University Developmental Technologies Research Group collaborated with PBS Kids and the MIT Media Lab to create the PBS Kids ScratchJr programming app! Young children can now learn the basics of coding by creating their own interactive stories with their favorite PBS Kids characters. The new app features PBS Kids media properties such as WILD KRATTS, WORDGIRL, PEG + CAT and a new series, NATURE CAT.

The PBS Kids ScratchJr app is available for free download at the Apple App Store for iPads and Google Play store for Android Tablets. The official press release can be found at this link. Download yours today and begin coding!


The Official ScratchJr Book

Your guide to all things ScratchJr is finally here! Written by app creators Professor Marina Umaschi Bers and Mitchel Resnick of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab, this new book is an easy-to-use, hands on resource for parents and educators alike to teach children how to code with ScratchJr. An excerpt of the book can be found here. And be sure to buy your copy through No Starch Press at this link!


On August 24th and 25th, 2015, the DevTech Research Group at Tufts University hosted a 2-day professional development workshop on KIBO robotics. The workshop provided hands-on training and an in-depth understanding of how to use KIBO robotics in a developmentally appropriate way with young children. Big thanks to all who joined us!

A look at KIBO dances created by attendees of the workshop!



The KIBO robot, based on the KIWI Prototype, is now commercially available through Kinderlab Robotics.

ScratchJr is now available for free download from the Apple® App Store℠ for iPads, and Google Play for Android tablets.

DevTech is affiliated with the concentration of studies in New Technologies and Human Development at the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development.