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Summer Program


Our teaching staff is comprised of professional educators with advanced training and expertise in their respective areas of specialty. Each reading group is instructed by one head teacher and one assistant teacher. Head teachers posses a master's degree in education or related fields and have several years experience employing multi-sensory techniques with struggling readers. Assistant teachers are undergraduate and graduate students from Tufts who are pursuing degrees in education. The small student to teacher ratio ensures that instruction capitalizes on student strengths and addresses student weaknesses. Parents have the opportunity to meet with their child's head teachers midway through the program to discuss progress and concerns. At the end of the program, all parents receive a score report detailing their child's performance on standardized measures of reading ability before the program began and at its completion and a description of the coursework in their daily lessons. Complete Written and Oral Language Assessments, which include detailed clinical recommendations for intervention and remediation, are available for an additional cost.

If you are interested in teaching in our summer reading program, please contact Dr. Melissa Orkin, Program Director.