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The Homework Treaty

Workshop Information

Our two-part interactive workshop provide parents with practical and engaging solutions that are personalized to the specific challenges faced by your family.

Initial Workshop (2 hours)
During the initial workshop, information will be gathered about your child’s learning style and behavioral profile, and your current approach to supporting homework assignments. These insights will inform prescriptive recommendations to meet the unique needs of your family.

Parents will also be introduced to a framework for understanding the role of homework in children's achievement, and common behavioral reactions to challenging tasks. Accordingly, parents will learn key practical strategies for establishing healthy expectations around homework and appropriate responses to behavioral outbursts or task avoidance. Families will leave the initial workshop with materials to guide them in implementing these new strategies at home.

Follow-Up Workshop (2 hours)
The follow-up workshop offers an opportunity to reflect on the strategies that were implemented during the previous week, and receive feedback that will support positive outcomes. In addition, parents will be introduced to the final key strategies that emphasize engagement, and highlight the process of learning as equally important to the products of knowledge. Particular attention will be paid to the ways in which parents praise their child, their family culture around making mistakes, and the development of healthy mindsets about achievement.

The cost of the two-part Homework Treaty workshop is $75.


"These strategies have been a game-changer for us in terms of homework."
Parent of 4th grade boy, Manchester by the Sea, MA

"The workshops have been great. I have learned so much that I can continue to apply in the years to come. I am more confident in my positive approach to homework, de-emphasizing perfection and correction as much as possible."
Parent of 5th grade boy, Milton, MA

"The program helps you and your child relax and greatly reduces power struggles. Your child will take more ownership and you become more of a coach."
Parent of 5th grade girl, Cambridge, MA