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The GRaD Study: Genes, Reading, and Dyslexia

The goal of this study is to develop a simple, accurate and inexpensive screening test for dyslexia by examining the connection between genes and reading. This test would help identify children at risk for developing dyslexia early on, perhaps even before they have problems with reading. Early identification of risk for dyslexia would allow children to get the help they need before they have problems in school. We are enrolling children now through 2014. Visits may be done seven days a week at your family's convenience and may take place at our research office located at Miller Hall at Tufts University or at your home. The visit takes approximately 3 hours.

What to Expect
A member of our research staff will call and ask you some questions about yourself and your child. If your child is matched for the study we will ask you to schedule a study visit. This visit takes about 3 hours. At the visit you will be asked to complete a questionnaire about your child and your family. Your child will meet with a research assistant who will give him/her a series of tests, similar to the standardized tests he/she gets in school. These tests will help us measure your child's ability to read and learn. Your child will also be asked to give a saliva (spit) DNA sample. This will not hurt at all. As a thank you for his/her time your child will receive a $35 gift card to a local store. Your parking will be paid for.

To learn more about the GRaD Study please contact Yashira Perez.