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Stress Management

Audio series for Relaxation, Stress-Reduction,and Mindfulness

On this site you will find information and resources about how to use conscious relaxation techniques to help manage stress.

General Guidlines: The following recordings are tools to help you with stress-reduction and relaxation. If at any point while listening to any of these recordings you feel uncomfortable, anxious, or any other form of distress, take a breath and stop. Feel free to contact the front desk at the Counseling and Mental Health Service to make an appointment to talk about what you experienced, for more ideas about stress and relaxation, or for any other reason. We would be happy to talk with you.

Dial 617-627-MIND (6463) for a daily mindfulness experience.

Part One with Erick Marks, LICSW:

Mindful Breathing
Mindful Walking
Try pausing the recording as you walk.
Mindful Cleaning
Mindful Eating

Part Two with Nandini Talwar, MD:

Introduction to Progressive Muscle Relaxation
PMR for Rejuvination
PMR for Sleep

Other exercises:

Body Scan
Mindfulness and Meditation for Anxiety

Do you feel too busy or stressed to try one of the above exercises?
Consider that the seven to ten minutes spent each day giving your mind and spirit a break by listening to one of the recordings could improve your overall performance and acedemic success. The more you practice, thre greater the effect!

Stressed? Try some of the techniques listed below.
-Write in a journal
-Talk to a supportive friend or family member
-Seek out your advisor or Residence Life staff for assistance
-Practice relaxation techniques
-Listen to soothing music
-Exervise, preferably outdoors, if weather permits
-Meditate or meditation-in-motion such as Tai Chi, Yoga, Qi (chi) Gong
-Take a "mindful" walk (see above)
-Get off campus for a break
-Plan study breaks for 10 minutes each hour-include yoga, stretching or a quick walk outside
-Explore stress reducing programs being offered on campus, including programs offered by the Physical Education Department, and by the Office or Residential Life and Learning.

RA Stress and Relaxation Programming developed by Health Education and CMHS:
Easy, readymade programming, handouts and exercises for RA’s to share with their residents during meetings or on bulletin boards.

-Promote Health in Your Residence Hall

-Step-by-Step Stress Reduction Workshop

-CMHS Self Help Resources

Online Resources:
Do as One: Breathing Room
Mind Body Spa
NIHClinical Center Deep breathing

Phone Apps:
Lotus Bud Mindfulness Bell App

Insight Timer - Meditation Timer App
Universal Breathing - Pranayama Free App
Tactical Breather By The National Center for Telehealth and Technology
Lift - Your Daily Coach

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