13. Birth, LIfe, and Death of the Universe

Fig. 13.1.
Fig13_1 CMB spectrum
Fig. 13.2.
Fig13_2 Map of Infant Universe
Fig. 13.3.
Fig13_3 Ripple Data
Fig. 13.4.
Fig13_4 Merging galaxies
Fig. 13.5.
Fig13_5 Star formation rates
Fig. 13.6.
Fig13_6 Seyfert galaxy
Fig. 13.7.
Fig13_7 The radio galaxy Cygnus A
Fig. 13.8.
Fig13_8 The bright radio source Virgo A
Fig. 13.9.
Fig13_9 galaxy NGC 5128 and the bright radio galaxy Centaurus A
Fig. 13.10.
Fig13_10 Supermassive Black Hole NGC 1097
Fig. 13.11.
Fig13_11 Accelerating universe
Fig. 13.12.
Fig13_12 Hubble diagram

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