10. New Stars

Fig. 10.1.
Fig10_1 Formation of Solar System
Fig. 10.2.
Fig10_2 The central, rapidly rotating Sun
Fig. 10.3.
Fig10_3 Mountains of creation
Fig. 10.4.
Fig10_4 Spitzer N346
Fig. 10.5.
Fig10_5 North American Nebula 516093
Fig. 10.6.
Fig10_6 The collapse of an interstellar cloud of gas and dust
Fig. 10.7.
Fig10_7 Evolutionary tracks of protostars
Fig. 10.8.
Fig10_8 Protoplanetary disks
Fig. 10.9.
Fig10_9 Planet around Beta Pictoris
Fig. 10.10.
Fig10_10 Starlight shift
Fig. 10.11.
Fig10_11 Unseen planet

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