9. The Material Between the Stars

Fig. 9.1.
Fig9_1 Rossette Nebula
Fig. 9.2.
Fig9_2 Turbulent interstellar gas
Fig. 9.3.
Fig9_3 Spheres of ionization
Fig. 9.4.
Fig9_4 Radiative interactions between electrons and protons
Fig. 9.5.
Fig9_5 Radio-frequency spectrum of the Orion Nebula
Fig. 9.6.
Fig9_6 Dark clouds Caroina Nebula
Fig. 9.7.
FIg9_7 Cosmic eggs
Fig. 9.8.
Fig9_8 Polarized starlight
Fig. 9.9.
Fig9_9 Nonthermal
Fig. 9.10.
Fig9_10 Synchrotron radiation

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