8. The Lives of Stars

Fig. 8.1.
Fig8_1 Original Hertzsprung-Russell diagram
Fig. 8.2.
Fig8_2 Hertzsprung-Russell diagram for nearby stars
Fig. 8.3.
Fig8_3 Spectral type and luminosity class in the H-R Diagram
Fig. 8.4.
Fig8_4 Stellar mass and lifetime on the main sequence
Fig. 8.5.
Fig8_5 Giants, Supergiants and white dwarfs
Fig. 8.6.
Fig8_6 Energy generation by two hydrogen burning processes
Fig. 8.7.
Fig8_7 Convection inside stars of different mass
Fig. 8.8.
Fig8_8 Formation of a giant star
Fig. 8.9.
Fig8_9 Open star clusters in the H-R diagram
Fig. 8.10.
Fig8_10 How old is a globular star cluster
Fig. 8.11.
Fig8_11 Globular star cluster in the H-R diagram
Fig. 8.12.
Fig8_12 Abundance of the elements in the Sun

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