7. Comparisons of the Sun with Other Stars

Fig. 7.1.
Fig7_1 Prime Meridian
Fig. 7.2.
Fig7_2 Celestial coords
Fig. 7.3.
Fig7_3 Precession
Fig. 7.4.
Fig7_4 Annual parallax
Fig. 7.5.
Fig7_5 Proxima Centauri
Fig. 7.6.
Fig7_6 VY Canis Majoris
Fig. 7.7.
Fig7_7 The Flames of Betelegeuse
Fig. 7.8.
Fig. 7.9.
Fig7_9 Double stars
Fig. 7.10.
Fig7_10 Stellar mass luminosity relation
Fig. 7.11.
Fig7_11 A star moves
Fig. 7.12.
Fig7_12 Globular star cluster M80
Fig. 7.13.
Fig7_13 Faint stars globular cluster
Fig. 7.14.
Fig7_14 Globular star cluster NGC6934
Fig. 7.15.
FIg7_15 Open Cluster
Fig. 7.16.
Fig7_16 Pleiades Open Star Cluster
Fig. 7.17.
FIG7_17 Runaway star

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