6. The Extended Solar Atmosphere

Fig. 6.1.
Fig6_1 Eclipse corona
Fig. 6.2.
Fig6_2 Sunspot group
Fig. 6.3.
Fig6_3 Solar magnetic activity cycle
Fig. 6.4.
Fig6_4 Winding up the field
Fig. 6.5.
Fig6_5 Magnetic Loops
Fig. 6.6.
Fig6_6 Coronal loops
Fig. 6.7.
Fig6_7 Magnetic and gas pressure
Fig. 6.8.
Fig6_8 Sun in X-rays
Fig. 6.9.
Fig6_9 Far Magnetic Fields
Fig. 6.10.
Fig6_10 Solar flare model
Fig. 6.11.
Fig6_11 A huge coronal mass ejection
Fig. 6.12.
Fig6_12 Magnetosphere
Fig. 6.13.
Fig6_13 Bastille Day Flare (left)
Fig. 6.13.
Fig6_13 Bastille Day Flare (right)
Fig. 6.14.
Fig6_14 Magneatic spiral
Fig. 6.15.
Fig6_15 Magnetic Cloud

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