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Student Testimonials

"By working at the Office of Health and Human Services, I have gained a first-hand understanding of the many policies and programs implemented by the State to serve our public health. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have worked in this office, and I strongly recommend this site to Community Health majors. With such a broad scope, there is something at the EOHHS that will interest everyone."
"The biotechnology industry, a relatively new field, is booming right in Tufts' backyard. My internship has shown me that public health is playing an increasingly important role in the field. Whether working with regulatory agencies and governmental programs, analyzing policy, implementing disease management programs, dissecting ethical issues, and even working in the Community Lab, public heath is making a definite, positive impact on the biotechnology field."
"I feel so fortunate to work at a site that recognizes the innate inequality that presents itself with language barriers, and addresses it for its target population. I look forward to learning even more about the struggles that this patient population faces, so that we can continue to work on mitigating these factors to create a safe and comfortable environment for all patients."
"Working directly with these programs in the evaluation and implementation capacity has given me new insight into potentially successful solutions given enough political and legislative backing. Knowing this, I will track the changes that come in national health reform and primary care, much more critically and with an "insider's" eye."
"Asylum-seeking patients now have a place to turn when the healthcare system seems overwhelming. After a recent visit to the pharmacy and food bank with a new client she told me, "thank you so much for being here with me. I don't know how I would have managed to understand all of this alone. I was going to go home without the medicine. Next time I will come here by myself and I will not be afraid because I will know what to do." Through this program, many patients have become more able to navigate the health system, more confident to advocate for themselves, and more connected to services."
"This work made me realize that the project crystallizes many of my interests — the experiences of immigrants, the effects of social and economic inequality on health, the local area around Somerville, and the community-participatory research design."
"Initially, I worked to inform families about the vast services available at our school-based health center to increase utilization rates and the community's support. As I have helped to increase awareness of the services available and the need to protect them, I have begun to mobilize the community."
"I chose to intern at a grassroots family-based organization, dedicated to supporting and advocating for the needs of people affected by mental illness. I had the opportunity to gain insight and knowledge about the logistics and planning needed to organize a large event. The WALK was a success! total It was an incredible experience to be able to work with the community on a project from the beginning planning stages, right up until the big WALK day. This internship experience was an invaluable and memorable part of my education at Tufts."