Upcoming Lectures

Cognitive Science colloquium (CBS--Cognitive and Brain Science) lecture, “Morphological schemas: Theoretical and psycholinguistic issues”

Our own Ray Jackendoff is the speaker!

Monday, November 7th, 2016, 3pm, Cohen Auditorium

Evidence from both linguistic theory and psycholinguistics argues the lexicon contains many composite items, stored as such with their internal structure. Moreover, one of the tenets of the Parallel Architecture (Jackendoff 2002) is that there is no divide between lexicon and grammar: “rules of grammar” are stored in the lexicon in the form of schemas that contain variables. Hence the traditional overarching focus on how rules construct novel utterances must give way to a shared focus, in which the relationships among lexical items are equally if not more important. Schemas come in two types. A nonproductive schema captures regularities among its listed instances, but it resists extension to new instances. A productive schema also captures regularities among listed instances, but in addition can be used freely to create new utterances online; it is this function that corresponds most closely to traditional rules. An important question arises, however: Does the theory (or the brain) need nonproductive schemas? Or can the subregularities encoded in nonproductive schemas be captured by simpler associative principles, as advocated both by the connectionists and by Pinker? I will suggest reasons why nonproductive schemas might be helpful in acquisition, in organizing storage, and in lexical access.

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Past Lectures & Events

Ray Jackendoff at MIT, March 3rd, 2016: Title: "Morphology in the Mental Lexicon." Place: MIT, 32D-461 (Stata Center). Time: Thursday 3/3, 12:30-1:50

Dennett talk at MIT, March 3, 2016 (click on this link for more info)

New Ideas Symposium

New Ideas Symposium, March 4, 2016, hosted by Dan Dennett and featuring five of his favorite thinkers

"The mystery of iconic gesture – a great challenge for the cognitive sciences," Jan de Ruiter will give a guest lecture in Prof. Dennett’s Foundations of Cognitive Science seminar, on September 15th at 7:30pm in Miner 112. All are welcome. *Important Note: There's a chance we will change the room to another location (Barnum 104).

Our own Rabia Ergin, Ph.D. student, will give a talk at TEDx Tufts on April 17th, in Barnum 008 at 8pm

Workshop: Emerging Sign Languages and the Big Picture - May 8th and 9th, 2015