Producing Films for Social Change

Offered once a year, the class "Producing Films for Social Change" gives students the opportunity to create original films on important and timely topics. At the end of the course, students showcase these films at a combined screening that is open to the entire Tufts community and the general public. Sponsored by FMS and the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service, Producing Films for Social Change is a class that enables students to learn how to use film powerfully to tell a story about a social issue, along with a dose of advocacy.

Producing Films for Social Change, December 2014

A Cellular Divide - For nearly two decades, the use of human embryonic stem cells in scientific research has polarized America. A Cellular Divide explores both sides of the fierce debate and questions how to expand the conversation to find common ground.

Who Will Help Me? Who? - Borderline Personality Disorder is both the deadliest mental illness and one of the least understood mental illnesses. The real tragedy, though, is that Borderline Personality Disorder is entirely treatable, but this treatment is not accessible to the majority of the population. This film explores what it means to have Borderline Personality Disorder from the perspective of both patients and professionals.

Grassachusettes - Two years ago, Massachusetts voted to legalize medicinal marijuana by a landslide. Where are we now? For a variety of reasons, the implementation of a system to give access to medical marijuana has yet to happen, leaving many with frustration, pain, and suffering. This film seeks to provide some answers.

Invisible: The State of LGBT Health - Medicine has not traditionally been very kind to to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. While homosexuality was removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 1973, and was no longer considered a disorder, attempts by doctors to “treat” it persist even today. Though research and understanding of LGBT healthcare has improved in recent years, the social stigma and discrimination faced by LGBT people leads to health disparities that put them at a greater risk for certain conditions. However, these health disparities have been notably absent from the discussion on inequality and discrimination that the LGBT community faces. This film is an attempt to stimulate discussion and bring awareness to the issue, as well as act as a call to enhance efforts to improve LGTB health by healthcare providers.

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