Mass Communications & Media Studies Minor

Students pursuing an interdisciplinary minor in Mass Communications and Media Studies are required to:

1. Take Soc. 40 "Media and Society” (formerly “Introduction to Mass Media”), EXP 50 "Media Literacy," or an alternative approved by the CMS Director.

2. Complete four elective courses from the Communications and Media Studies Program's approved course list.

3. Complete either a Senior Project, or Perspectives Course, or an Option Course.

The four elective courses must be from at least three departments, and they must include at least one course in the disciplinary area of Social Sciences and at least one course in the disciplinary area of Humanities and the Arts. Students cannot "double count" a course for fulfillment of a foundation requirement and for the MCMS minor, and they may use a maximum of two credits from the minor to count also toward a major, another minor, and distribution requirements.

Students can take a maximum of 2 ExCollege courses to count for the minor except with the consent of the CMS Director.

Students may count one Media Practice course or credited internship in which they learn skills in media production (e.g. photography, journalism, video, film, multi-media, graphic design, advertising copy).

Students who are doing a Senior Project must also participate in a Senior Colloquium.

For a complete list of requirements for the MCMS minor, please consult the MCMS Minor Information Sheet. You must also complete a CMS Student Information Sheet.

If you are interested in becoming an MCMS minor, please contact us at

Important Forms for the MCMS Minor

CMS Minor Declaration Form
MCMS Minor Information Sheet
CMS Student Information Sheet
Interdisciplinary Minor Completion Form

Below is a full list of courses that count for the MCMS minor.

For the Fall '15 course list, click here.

See below for previous course lists for the MCMS minor.

Spring 2015 Fall 2014

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Summer 2011 Spring 2011 Fall 2010 Summer 2010 Spring 2010 Fall 2009

For a complete list of CMS Forms — including information about Senior Projects,
Course Options, and Internships — click here.


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