Textual Transmission& Reception 

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Traditio  classicorum : the fortuna of the classical authors to the year 1650 . This resource, compiled by Charles Lohr of the University of Freiburg, is a vast online bibliography of books and articles relating to the reception of classical authors and texts throughout Europe up to 1650. It deals with publications in most major European languages. Organised alphabetically by ancient author, the list covers works dealing with translations, adaptations and transmission of texts as well as, for example, productions of ancient drama, the influence of ancient philosophy and the broader impact of Greek and Latin texts on modern western literature and education. Every genre of ancient literature is covered here, including epic, lyric, tragedy, comedy, historiography, oratory, philosophy, and satire. Also included are several medieval and Renaissance authors. Whilst the entries are not annotated (the sheer number of references contained here prohibits this), these pages are nonetheless an excellent starting point for researchers interested in the classical tradition and the reception of ancient texts since the Renaissance. The site is navigable in English and German.

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