AHRB Centre for Byzantine Cultural History .

Bibliography on Gender in Byzantium.

Byzantium Sources in Translation.

Byzantine Studies (Dumbarton Oakes Research Centre) Dumbarton Oaks Haigiography Database .                      

Byzantine Studies on the Internet.

Digital Resources for Byzantine Studies.

The Oxford Dictionary of ByzantiumAlexander P. Kazhdan, Alice-Mary Talbot, Anthony Cutler, Timothy E. Gregory, Nancy P. Ševcenko. New York: Oxford University Press,  1991. DF521 .O93 1991 v.1 c.1  vols. 1-3 

Prosopography of the Byzantine World.


Suda On Line: Byzantine Lexicography,  A massive 10th century Byzantine Greek historical encyclopedia of the ancient Mediterranean world, derived from the scholia to critical editions of canonical works and from compilations by yet earlier authors.


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