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Graduate Student Awards and Scholarship

Devon Armstrong, G15

Devon Armstrong, G15, attended the annual American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) conference in Portland, OR in April 2014. Devon also participated in an archaeological excavation at Tel Megiddo in Megiddo, Israel in the summer of 2014 Devon also participated in an archaeological excavation at Tel Megiddo in Megiddo, Israel this past summer.

Julia Lenzi, G15

Julia Lenzi, G15, is a co-editor on the digital publication of the Bellum Iugurthinum of C. Sallustius Crispus: Treebank Analysis (with Dr. J. M. Harrington, T. Buckingham, et al.) within the Perseus Digital Library and Alpheios Project. Julia has presented aspects of this project at three professional forums: 1) the NEH Institute for Advanced Technology in the Digital Humanities: "Publishing Text for a Digital Age" in March 2014; 2) Tufts Talks: Tufts University Graduate Student Research Symposium in April 2014; and 3) the Tufts Digital Humanities Symposium: "Innovation, Pedagogy, and Scientific Leadership" in April 2014.

Julia was recently featured in the December 2014 issue of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Newsletter, under Graduate News & Highlights, Tufts Scholar Researches Classics Across Universities and Continents: Master's student Julia Lenzi uses modern methods to study ancient cultures and texts. See full text of the article >

Audrey Blumstein, G13

Audrey Blumstein, G13, presented a paper at CAMWS 2013 in Iowa City, IA. The title of her work is Weaving a Roman Identity: A Close Reading of the Igel Monument.

Charles Hall, G13

Charles Hall, G13, will be presenting a paper at CAMWS 2013 in Iowa City, IA. The title of his work is Herodotus' Egyptian Paradox.

Cori Russo, G12

Cori Russo, G12 completed his Master's Thesis on translating and annotating Camerarius' Commentary on Homer's Iliad. Since the Department of Classics is exploring a pre-modern studies model and the Digital Humanities, this project is particularly interesting for us. Cori gave several presentations about his work including at the NEH Institute during the summer of 2012 at Tufts. Learn more >

Lee Marmor, G12

Lee Marmor, G12, presented a paper at CAMWS 2012 in Baton-Rouge LA. The title of his work is Vestal Virgins and Pharmakoi in the Myths of Verginia and Lucretia. Lee has now earned a place in the PhD program in History at Ohio State University.

Christopher Motz, G12

Christopher Motz, G12, presented his project for paperless archaeology at various conferences including the Redford Conference in Archaeology, the CAA 2012 (Computer Applications & Quantitative Methods in Archaeology), and Paperless Recording at the Sangro Valley Project. Chris also contributes to a blog. Learn more >

Chris has earned a place in PhD program in Archaeology at the University of Cincinnati.

Undergraduate Awards and Scholarship

The Tisch Library Miscellany Collection

A few years ago, the Special Collections librarians working in Tisch Library discovered an uncatalogued collection of miscellaneous leaves from medieval manuscripts and early printed books (ranging in date from the 12th to the 19th century) in the Tisch Library Stacks. With only the scanty notes that accompanied the documents to rely on, the librarians were at a loss to describe the date, contents, and historical significance of the collection. In an effort to support their own research on the documents and to share this discovery with the university community and the public, they digitized the collection and published it online.

As information about this amazing find circulated, Assistant Professor Marie-Claire Beaulieu collaborated with Tisch Special Collections and Cataloging and Metadata Services to have undergraduate and graduate Medieval Latin students decipher, translate, and annotate the collection online. As students progressed in deciphering the documents, they made interesting and surprising discoveries.

All of the students' work produced in this class was published online on the Tisch Library Miscellany page and has made a significant contribution to scholarship in the field by providing a valuable resource for professors, librarians, and scholars at Tufts and around the world, who can now access translations and annotations for their teaching and research.

An article about the students' work also appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Vol. LVII, 40, July 1, 2011, A16, article by Ryan Brown.

Jeffrey Luz-Alterman, A13

Jeffrey Luz-Alterman, A13, (double major Classics/History) won a Summer Scholarship in collaboration with Professor Beaulieu in 2011 to go to Greece and study funerary inscriptions. The title of the project was: Pagans, Jews, and Christians: Conceptions of the Afterlife in Greek Funerary Epigraphy.