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Faculty and Staff

Faculty Administrators

Ioannis Evrigenis, Department Chair, Director of Graduate Studies

R. Bruce Hitchner, Director, Archaeology Program

Classics Faculty

Marie-Claire Beaulieu, Assistant Professor; Greek Religion, Epigraphy, Medieval Latin

Gregory R. Crane, Professor; Editor-in-Chief, Perseus Project; Winnick Family Chair of Technology and Entrepreneurship; Greek & Latin Language, Digital Humanities

J. Matthew Harrington, Lecturer; Greco-Roman space and architecture, Post-Augustan Latin Literature, Satire, Comparative Greek and Latin Grammar (PIE Linguistics)

Steven W. Hirsch, Associate Professor; Transfer of Credit - Archaeology; Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern history

R. Bruce Hitchner, Professor; Director, Archaeology Program; Chairman, Dayton Peace Accords Project; Roman history, archaeology and International Relations

Anne Mahoney, Lecturer; Classical tradition and reception; linguistics; ancient drama; ancient mathematics; Latin, Greek, and Sanskrit language and literature

Joanne H. Phillips, Associate Professor; Minor Advisor, Transfer of Credit - Greek and Latin Languages, Ancient Greek and Roman Medicine, Lucretius

Andreola Rossi, Lecturer; Greek & Roman epic, Greek & Roman historiography, the history and culture of the Augustan period

Susan E. Setnik, Lecturer; Greek & Latin literature, pedagogical theory & practice

Riccardo Strobino, Mellon Bridge Assistant Professor; Greek, Latin, and Arabic Traditions
Affiliated Faculty
Ioannis D. Evrigenis, Associate Professor,Political Science

Jennifer Eyl, Assistant Professor,Religion;Early Christianity, Gender and sexuality in antiquity, Hellenistic philosophies

Christiana Olfert, Assistant Professor,Philosophy

David J. Proctor, Lecturer,History
Archaeology Faculty
R. Bruce Hitchner, Director, ProfessorClassics; Roman history, archaeology and International Relations

Steven Hirsch, Associate ProfessorClassics; Greek and Near Eastern History

Professor Jack Ridge, Professor, Geology; Environmental Geology; Geomorphology

Lauren Sullivan, Lecturer,Anthropology; Mesoamerican Archaeology

David J. Proctor, Lecturer,History & Classics; Medieval Western Europe, Southeastern Europe, Byzantium, church-state relations

J. Matthew Harrington, Lecturer,Classics; Greco-Roman space and architecture, Post-Augustan Latin Literature, Satire, Comparative Greek and Latin Grammar (PIE Linguistics)
Emeritus/Emerita Faculty
Professor Emeritus William Frank Wyatt (1914-1952)
Professor Emeritus Van Loran Johnson (1952-1969)
Professor Emeritus John. W. Zarker (1971-1989)
Professor Emeritus Peter L. D. Reid (1973-2010)
Deceased Faculty
Professor William Frank Wyatt (1914-1952)
Professor Van Loren Johnston (1952-1969)
Professor Thomas Henry Corcoran (1962-1987)
Professor John W. Zarker (1971-1989)
Visiting Professor Joseph Francis Desmond (1987-1993)
Professor and Research Professor Miriam S. Balmuth (1962-1998)
Senior Lecturer Dr.Regina Merzlak (1977-2011)
Noah Barrientos, Department Administrator, Office: 617.627.3213