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Monica Berti
Monica Berti
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Tufts University
Department of Classics
331 Eaton Hall
Medford, MA 02155

Office: 617.627.2437
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Greek and Latin epigraphy, Greek historiography, Papyrology, Digital Humanities

Monica Berti is Assistant Research Professor of Classics at the University of Roma Tor Vergata and Lecturer in the Department of Classics at Tufts University. She has a PhD in ancient history and her research interests are focused on ancient Greece and Rome and the digital humanities: learn more at Professor Berti's personal site. She is currently working on three main projects:

  1. Fragmentary Texts with two goals:
    • Producing critical editions of Greek fragmentary historians. In 2009 she has published the first volume of the fragments of Istrus the Callimachean for the Italian series "I Frammenti degli Storici Greci" and she is working on the fragments of Lucius Cincius Alimentus for the same series. She has also been assigned the fragments of Hellanicus of Lesbos (393a) and Istrus the Callimachean (334) for the Brill's New Jacoby Project;
    • Exploring methods and tools for representing fragments of ancient texts in digital libraries of Classical sources. Support from the NEH/JISC PhiloGrid Project (Creating a Virtual Research Environment for Classics: NEH PX-50013-08) and from the Mellon Cybereditions Project allowed Monica Berti to spend six months developing this work at the Perseus Project at Tufts University.
  2. The Ancient Library of Alexandria: This project aims at collecting ancient and modern sources on the library of Alexandria, as part of an interest in the history of the reception and transmission of Classical texts across the centuries. On this topic Monica Berti has co-authored a volume entitled La Biblioteca di Alessandria. Storia di un paradiso perduto. Tivoli (Roma): Ed. Tored 2010. She has also taught a course on "Graeco-Roman Alexandria" at Tufts University in Fall 2010.
  3. Biblioteca Digitale delle Iscrizioni del Latium Vetus: This is a project of the University of Roma Tor Vergata and its aim is to build a digital repository of all Greek and Latin inscriptions from the ancient region called Latium Vetus. Part of this project is the collaboration with Tufts University, where Monica Berti teaches Latin Epigraphy. In June 2011 Tufts students participated in an intensive summer course at Tor Vergata on the inscriptions on Latium Vetus lead by Monica Berti and J. Matthew Harrington: The Stones of Ancient Latium � Inscriptions, Archaeological Remains, and the Geographic Contexts of Latium Vetus.