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The Chess Club will meet weekly in the campus center in front of the ATM Machines. Meetings are currently being held at 3:00pm on Sundays. Email one of the officers to confirm the weekly meetings.

The President is Walter Rodriguez.

The Secretary-Treasurer is Ralan Hill.

Please email us with any questions you may have.

The official Tufts Chess Club Mailing List is now in use. To subscribe, send an email to "listproc@listproc.tufts.edu" with the words "subscribe chess-l" in the body of the message. We generate about two messages a week with info on meetings times and upcoming events.


  • 10-19-98: Meeting's moved to Monday night at 9:00pm. First meeting tonight.

  • 10-6-98: We did not have a meeting 8/4/98 because I was out of town.

  • 9-22-98: Our second meeting of the year will be on Sunday September 27th at 3:00pm in front of the ATM machines in the Campus Center. All are welcome.

  • 9-17-98: Our first meeting of the new year will be on Sunday, September 20th in from the of ATM machines in the Campus Center. Please feel free to stop by.

  • 8-2-98: We are planning a tournament for a weekend in April 1999. Please let us know if you are interested helping organize it.

  • 4-98: The equipment has arrived!! We now have 9 sets and three clocks. Come to next meeting to help break them in!

  • A brief history of this Chess Club at Tufts.


    The Tufts Chess Club constitution

    The U.S. Chess Federation has a guide for chess beginners.

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    Kasparov vs. Deep Blue 1996

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    Kasparov vs. Deep Blue 1997

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    If anyone has games five and six please email them to me. Thanks--Ralan

    Please send questions or comments about this site to Ralan Hill

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