Recent Publications


"Using Antigen-Antibody Binding Kinetic Parameters to Understand Single-Molecule Array Immunoassay Performance."
Dinh, Trinh L.; Ngan, Kevin C.; Shoemaker, Charles B.; Walt, David R. Analytical Chemistry, (2016) DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.6b03192

"Rapid and Ultrasensitive Single Molecule Detection of Botulinum Neurotoxin Serotype A1 in Human Serum and Urine using Single Molecule Array Method."
Dinh, Trinh L.; Ngan, Kevin C.; Shoemaker, Charles B.; Walt, David R. Forensic Toxicology, (2016) DOI: 10.1007/s11419-016-0336-7

"Incorporation of Slow Off-Rate Modified Aptamers Reagents in Single Molecule Array Assays for Cytokine Detection with Ultrahigh Sensitivity."
Wu, Danlu; Katilius, Evaldas; Olivas, Edgar; Milutinovic, Milena Dumont; Walt, David R. Analytical Chemistry, (2016) 88(17), 8385-8389

"Protein Counting in Single Cancer Cells."
Schubert, Stephanie M.; Walter, Stephanie R.; Manesse, Mael; and Walt, David R. Analytical Chemistry, (2016) 88(5), 2952-2957


"Correlations of Salivary Biomarkers with Clinical Assessments in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis."
Nie, Shuai; Zhang, Huaibin; Mayer, Kathryn M.; Oppenheim, Frank G.; Little, Frédéric F.; Greenberg, Jonathan; Uluer, Ahmet Z.; and Walt, David R. PloS One, (2015) 10(8), e0135237

"Single molecule array (Simoa) assay with optimal antibody pairs for cytokine detection in human serum samples."
Wu, Danlu; Dumont Milutinovic, Milena; and Walt, David R. Analyst, (2015) 140(18), 6277-6282

"Ultra-sensitive protein detection via Single Molecule Arrays towards early stage cancer monitoring."
Schubert, Stephanie M.; Arendt, Lisa M.; Zhou, Wenhui; Baig, Shazia; Walter, Stephanie R.; Buchsbaum, Rachel J.; Kuperwasser, Charlotte; and Walt, David R. Scientific Reports, (2015) 5, 11034

"Ultrasensitive detection of ricin toxin in multiple sample matrixes using single-domain antibodies."
Gaylord, Shonda T.; Dinh, Trinh L.; Goldman, Ellen R.; Anderson, George P.; Ngan, Kevin C.; and Walt, David R. Analytical Chemistry, (2015) 87(13), 6570-6577

"Single-Molecule Arrays for Ultrasensitive Detection of Host Immune Response to Dengue Virus Infection."
Gaylord, Shonda T.; Abdul-Aziz, Sama; and Walt, David R. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, (2015) 53(5), 1722-1724

"Stoichiometry of the α-Complementation Reaction of Escherichia coli β-Galactosidase As Revealed through Single-Molecule Studies."
Mogalisetti, Pratyusha; Walt, David R. Biochemistry, (2015) 54(8), pp 1583-8

"Salivary diagnostics using a portable point-of-service platform: A Review."
Khanna, Prarthana; and Walt, David R. Clinical Therapeutics, (2015) 37(3), 498-504

"Catalytic kinetics of single gold nanoparticles observed via optical microwell arrays."
Mayer, Kathryn M.; Jason Shnipes; Douglas Davis; and Walt, David R. Nanotechnology, (2015) 26(5), 055704


"Disease Detection by Ultrasensitive Quantification of Microdosed Synthetic Urinary Biomarkers"
Warren, Andrew; Gaylord, Shonda; Ngan, Kevin; Milutinovic, Milena; Kwong, Gabriel; Bhatia, Sangeeta; Walt, David; JACS, (2014) 136(39), pp 13709-13714

"Elucidating the Relationship between Substrate and Inhibitor Binding to the Active Sites of tetrameric ß-Galactosidase"
Mogalisetti, Pratyusha; Gorris, Hans; Rojek, Marcin; Walt, David; Chem. Sci., (2014) DOI: 10.1039/C4SC01437E

"Observing Single Enzyme Molecules Interconvert between Activity States upon Heating"
Rojek, Marcin; Walt, David; PLOS one, (2014) DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0086224

"An Automated Integrated Platform for Rapid and Sensitive Multiplexed Protein Profiling using Human Saliva Samples"
Nie, Shuai; Henley, Hampton; Miller, Scott; Zhang, Huaibin; Mayer, Kathryn; Dennis, Patty; Oblath, Emily; Alarie, Jean Pierre; Wu, Yue; Oppenheim, Frank; Little, Frédéric; Uluer, Ahmet; Wang, Peidong; Ramsey, Michael; Walt, David; Lab Chip, (2014) DOI: 10.1039/C3LC51303C


"Measuring Atomic Emission from Beacons for Long-Distance Chemical Signaling"
LaFratta, Christopher; Pelse, Ian; Falla, Jose Luis; Palacios, Manuel; Manesse, Mael; Whitesides, George; Walt, David; Anal. Chem., (2013) 85(19), pp 8933-8936

"Multiplexed Fluorescent Microarray for Human Salivary Protein Analysis using Polymer Microspheres and Fiber-optic Bundles"
Nie ,Shuai; Benito-Peña, Elena; Zhang, Huaibin; Wu Yue; Walt, David, J. Vis. Exp., (2013) e50726,DOI: 10.3791/50726

"Multilplexed Salivary Protein Profiling for Patients with Respiratory Diseases using Fiber-Optic Bundles and Fluorescent Antibody-Based Microarrays"
Nie ,Shuai; Benito-Peña, Elena; Zhang, Huaibin; Wu Yue; Walt, David, Anal. Chem., (2013 )DOI: 10.1021/ac4019523

"Assessing the Stochastic Intermittency of Single Quantum Dot Luminescence for Robus Quantification of Biomolecules"
Palacios, Manuel; Lacy, Michael; Schubert, Stephanie; Manesse, Mael; Walt, David, Anal. Chem., (2013 )DOI: 10.1021/ac4001332

"Dynamic microbead arrays for biosensing applications"
Manesse, Mael; Phillips, Aaron; Lafratta, Christopher; Palacios, Manuel; Hayman, Ryan; Walt, David, Lab on a Chip, (2013), 13, 2153-60.

"Direct detection of bacterial genomic DNA at subfemtomolar concentrations using single molecule arrays"
Song, Linan; Shan, Dandan; Zhao, Mingwei; Pink, Brian; Minnehan, Kaitlin; York, Lyndsey; Gardel, Melissa; Sullivan, Sean; Phillips, Aaron; Hayman, Ryan; Walt, David; Duffy, David. Anal. Chem. Manu. ID ac-2012-03426b.R1 2013

"Optical Methods for Single Molecule Detection and Analysis"
David R. Walt, Anal. Chem., (2013), 85 (3), pp 1258–1263


"Single-Molecule Studies of Restriction Endonuclease Kinetics"
Candice Etson, Francis Wilburn, Thomas Moody, Victoria Fashakin, David R. Walt, Biophysical Journal, Volume 102, Issue 3 supplement1, 1/31/ 2012

"Oil-sealed femtoliter fiber-optic arrays for single molecule analysis"
Zhang, Huaibin; Nie Shuai;  Etson, Candice M.; Wang, Raymond M.; and Walt, David R.  Lab on a Chip (2012) DOI: 10.1039/C2LC21113K


"Lessons learned from the introduction of personalized genotyping into a medical school curriculum"
D.R. Walt, A. Kuhlik, S. Epstein, L.A. Demmer, M. Knight, D. Chelmow, M. Rosenblatt, D.W. Bianchi. Genetics IN Medicine (2011) 13, 1, 63-66.

"Artificial Noses"
Stitzel, Shannon E.; Aernecke, Matthew J.; Walt, David R. Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering (2011) 13, 1-25.  

"Single-Cell Time-Resolved Quorum Responses Reveal Dependence on Cell Density and Configuration,"
Whitaker, Ragnhild D.; Pember, Steven; Wallace, Byron C.; Brodley, Carla E.; Walt, David R. The Journal of Biological Chemistry (2011) 24, 21623-32.

"Whole Saliva Proteolysis and its Important Impact on Salivary Diagnostics"
K. Thomadaki, E.J. Helmerhorst, N. Tian, X. Sun, W.L. Siqueira, D.R. Walt, F.G. Oppenheim. Journal of Dental Research, 2011, Online.

"InfoBiology by Printed Assays of Microorganism Colonies for Timed and On-Demand Release of Messages"
Palacios, Manuel A.; Benito-Pena, Elena; Manesse, Mael M.; Mazzeo, Aaron D.; LaFratta, Christopher N.; Whitesides, George M., Walt, David R. Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences (2011) 108(40), 16510-4.

"Robust error correction in infofuses"
Morrison ,Greg; Thomas III, Sam; LaFratta, Christopher; Guo, Jian; Palacios, Manuel; Sonkusale, Sameer; Walt, David; Whitesides, George; Mahadevan, L, Proc. R. Soc. A, (2011) rspa20110316,DOI: 10.1098/rspa.2011.0316


"Bead-based optical fiber arrays for artificial olfaction"
Walt, David R. Current Opinion in Chemical Biology (2010) 14(6), 767-770.

"Optical sensing arrays for single-cell analysis"
Whitaker, Ragnhild D.; Walt, David R. Chemical Cytometry (2010) 219-237.

"Visualizing Fluorescence: Using a Homemade Fluorescence "Microscope" To View Latent Fingerprints on Paper"
LaFratta, Christopher N.; Huh, Sun Phill; Mallillin, Allistair C.; Riviello, Peter J.; Walt, David R. Journal of Chemical Education (2010) 87(10), 1105-1107.

"Analytical chemistry on the femtoliter scale"
Gorris, Hans H.; Walt, David R.. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition (2010) 49(23), 3880-3895.

"Synthesis and biological testing of penicillins: an investigative approach to the undergraduate teaching laboratory"
Whitaker, Ragnhild D.; Truhlar, Laura M.; Yuksel, Deniz; Walt, David R.; Williams, Mark D. Journal of Chemical Education (2010) 87(6), 634-636.

"Toward multiple addressable optical trapping"
Faustov, Alexei R.; Webb, Michael R.; Walt, David R. Review of Scientific Instruments (2010) 81(2, Pt. 1), 026109/1-026109/3.

"Fibre Optic Microarrays"
Walt, David R. Chemical Society Reviews (2010) 39(1), 38-50.


"Optical-fiber arrays for vapor sensing"
Aernecke, Matthew J.; Walt, David R. Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical (2009) B142(2), 464-469.

"Ubiquitous Sensors: When Will They Be Here?"
Walt, David R. ACS Nano (2009) 3(10), 2876-2880.

"Infochemistry and infofuses for the chemical storage and transmission of coded information"
Thomas, Samuel W., III; Chiechi, Ryan C.; Lafratta, Christopher N.; Webb, Michael R.; Lee, Andrew; Wiley, Benjamin J.; Zakin, Mitchell R.; Walt, David R.; Whitesides, George M. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2009) 106(23), 9147-9150.

"CMOS microelectrode array for electrochemical lab-on-a-chip applications"
Hwang, Sungkil; La Fratta, Christopher N.; Agarwal, Vinay; Yu, Xin; Walt, David R.; Sonkusale, Sameer. IEEE Sensors Journal (2009), 9(6), 609-615.

"Intelligent Medical Diagnostics via Molecular Logic"
Konry, Tania; Walt, David R. Journal of the American Chemistry Society (2009) 131(37), 13232-13233.

"Chromatically Resolved Optical Microscope (CROMoscope): A Grating-Based Instrument for Spectral Imaging"
Webb, Michael R.; LaFratta, Chris N.; Walt, David R. Analytical Chemistry (2009) 81(17), 7309-7313.

"Microsphere-Based Rolling Circle Amplification Microarray for the Detection of DNA and Proteins in a Single Assay"
Konry, Tania; Hayman, Ryan B.; Walt, David R. Analytical Chemistry (2009) 81(14), 5777-5782.

"Temporally Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy of a Microarray-Based Vapor Sensing System"
Aernecke, Matthew J.; Walt, David R. Analytical Chemistry (2009) 81(14), 5762-5769.

"Design, Implementation, and Field Testing of a Portable Fluorescence-Based Vapor Sensor"
Aernecke, Matthew J.; Guo, Jian; Sonkusale, Sameer; Walt, David R. Analytical Chemistry
(2009), 81(13), 5281-5290.

"Multiplexed Sandwich Immunoassays Using Electrochemiluminescence Imaging Resolved at the Single Bead Level"
Deiss, Frederique; La Fratta, Christopher N.; Symer, Matthew; Blicharz, Timothy M.; Sojic, Neso; Walt, David R. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2009), 131(17), 6088-6089.

"DNA detection on ultrahigh-density optical fiber-based nanoarrays"
Tam, Jenny M.; Song, Linan; Walt, David R. Biosensors & Bioelectronics (2009), 24(8), 2488-2493.

"Mechanistic aspects of horseradish peroxidase elucidated through single-molecule studies"
Gorris, Hans H.; Walt, David R. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2009) 131(17), 6277-6282.

"Fiber-Optic Microsphere-Based Antibody Array for the Analysis of Inflammatory Cytokines in Saliva"
Blicharz, Timothy M.; Siqueira, Walter L.; Helmerhorst, Eva J.; Oppenheim, Frank G.; Wexler, Philip J.; Little, Frederic F.; Walt, David R. Analytical Chemistry (2009), 81(6), 2106-2114.


"Detection of single-molecule DNA hybridization using enzymatic amplification in an array of femtoliter-sized reaction vessels"
Z. Li, R.B. Hayman, D.R. Walt, Journal of the American Chemical Society 2008 130 (38), 12622-12623

"Distinct and Long-lived Activity States of Single Enzyme Molecules"
D.M. Rissin, H.H. Gorris, D.R. Walt, JACS, 2008 130 (15), 5349-5353
            News highlights about this article:
           "Distinctive Individualism", Science, Editors' Choice April 2008, 320 (5872), p. 23

"Very High Density Sensing Arrays"
Christopher N. LaFratta and David R. Walt, Chem. Rev., 2008 108 (2), 614 - 637 (review)

"Use of colorimetric test strips for monitoring the effect of hemodialysis on salivary nitrite and uric acid in patients with end-stage renal disease: a proof of principle"
Blicharz, Timothy M.; Rissin, David M.; Bowden, Michaela; Hayman, Ryan B.; DiCesare, Christopher; Bhatia, Jasvinder S.; Grand-Pierre, Nerline; Siqueira, Walter L.; Helmerhorst, Eva J.; Loscalzo, Joseph; Oppenheim, Frank G.; Walt, David R., Clinical Chemistry, (2008), 54(9), 1473-1480.


"Fiber-based Single Cell Analysis of Reporter Gene Expression in Yeast Two-hybrid Systems"
R.D. Whitaker, D.R. Walt. Analytical Biochemistry , 2007 360, 63-74

"Stochastic Inhibitor Release and Binding from Single-enzyme Molecules"
H.H. Gorris, D.M. Rissin, D.R. Walt, PNAS, 2007, 104 (45), 17680-17685
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            a) "Observing Single Enzymes at Work", Chem. Eng. News, 2007, 85 (44), 8
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"Optical-fiber Bundles"
H.H. Gorris, T.M. Blicharz, D.R. Walt, FEBS Journal, 2007, 274 (21), 5462-5470 (review)

"Microsensor Arrays for Saliva Diagnostics"
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"Smells Like Bread"
D.R. Walt, Nature Chemical Biology, 2007 3(6), 325-330


"Fiber Optic Array Biosensors"
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"Microbead Chemical Switches: An Approach to Detection of Reactive Phosphonate Chemical Warfare Agent Vapors"
S. Bencic-Nagale, T. Sternfeld, D.R. Walt. JACS, 2006 128 (15), 5041-5048

"Digital Readout of Target Binding with Attomole Detection Limits via Enzyme Amplification in Femtoliter Arrays"
D.M. Rissin, D.R. Walt, JACS, 2006 128 (19), 6286-6287
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           "Single-molecule Binding Assay in Femtoliter Arrays", Anal. Chem., 2006, 78 (13), 4241

"Duplexed Sandwich Immunoassays on a Fiber-optic Microarray"
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