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Latest News From The Thomas Lab

• September 2014: Our paper titled "Electronic Effects of Ring Fusion and Alkyne Substitution on Acene Properties and Reactivity” has been accepted for publication in The Journal of Organic Chemistry.  Check back for a link soon.

• September 2014: Dr. Jingjing Zhang, a recent Ph.D. recipient from our lab, has accepted a postdoctoral position at UW-Madison with Prof. Trisha Andrew.  Good luck Jingjing!

• September 2014: Farewell to Dr. Robert Pawle, a Ph.D. graduate from our group, who has accepted a position at Exponent.  Good luck Rob!

• August 2014: Jingjing has successfully defended his Ph.D. Thesis!  Congratulations Dr. Zhang!

• July 2014: Our paper titled "Twisting and Piezochromism of Phenylene-Ethynylenes With Aromatic Interactions Between Side Chains and Main Chains” has been accepted for publication in Chemical Science.  The paper is linked HERE.

• July 2014: Our lab, together with the labortory of Ayse Asatekin, has been awarded a Tufts Collaborates! seed grant for photoactive membrane materials.

• June 2014: BS chemist Trey Lawrence has accepted a job at Aramco.  Good luck Trey!

• May 2014: The Board of Trustees at Tufts University has approved Sam’s application for promotion to Associate Professor without limit of time.

• May 2014: Our recent Ph.D. recepient, Dr. Patricia Gumbley, has accepted a position at Dow.  Best of luck Patty!

• May 2014: Our paper titled “Reversible Photochemical Tuning of Net Charge Separation from Contact Electrification” has been published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.  You can find the link HERE.

• April 2014: Rob has successfully defended his Ph.D. Thesis!  Congratulations Dr. Pawle!

• April 2014: Patty has successfully defended her Ph.D. Thesis!  Congratulations Dr. Gumbley!

• March 2014: Our paper titled "Bandgap Engineering of Conjugated Materials With Non-Conjugated Side Chains” has been published in Macromolecules.  The paper is HERE.

• February 2014: Our paper titled "Combining Electronic and Steric Effects For Highly Stable Unsymmetric Pentacenes” has been published in Chemistry A European Journal.  You can find the paper HERE.

• January 2014: Our paper titled "Wavelength-Selective Disruption and Triggered Release with Photolabile Polyelectrolyte Multilayers” has been published in Chemistry of Materials.  You can see the paper HERE.

• November 2013: Grad student Patty Gumbley is awarded the Eli Lilly Travel Grant Winner for the March Dallas ACS Meeting!

• November 2013: Our invited chapter, “Polymer-based Sensors" in the Encyclopedia for Polymeric Nanomaterials is accepted.  

• November 2013: Welcome to our newest group member, graduate student Fanny Frausto.

• October 2013: Our paper titled "Photoresponsive Gels Prepared by ROMP” is published in Macromolecular Rapid Communications.  You can see the paper HERE.

• July 2013: Our proposal on multiplicative amplification using singlet oxygen and conjugated materials has been  funded by the Division of Chemistry at the NSF.

• June 2013: Welcome to our new group member, Tufts undergraduate Bond Umezuruike.

• May 2103: Sam is selected for a 2013 "Teaching with Technology Award" by Tufts ESTS.  Click HERE for a link to the website and video.

• April 2013: Sam presents two talks at the 2013 New Orleans ACS meeting.  ACS has made the talk on singlet oxygen-responsive materials available to ACS members online HERE

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