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Latest News From The Thomas Lab

• January 2015: Our paper titled “Thiophene-Based Conjugated Polymers with Photolabile Solubilizing Side Chains” has been accepted for publication in Macromolecules.  The link to the paper is HERE.

• November 2014: Welcome to new first year graduate students: Brendan Duran, Matthew Feeney, and Seth Sharber!

• September 2014: Our paper titled "Electronic Effects of Ring Fusion and Alkyne Substitution on Acene Properties and Reactivity” has been published in The Journal of Organic Chemistry.  The link to the paper is HERE.

• September 2014: Dr. Jingjing Zhang, a recent Ph.D. recipient from our lab, has accepted a postdoctoral position at UW-Madison with Prof. Trisha Andrew.  Good luck Jingjing!

• September 2014: Farewell to Dr. Robert Pawle, a Ph.D. graduate from our group, who has accepted a position at Exponent.  Good luck Rob! See Rob’s profile right HERE.

• August 2014: Jingjing has successfully defended his Ph.D. Thesis!  Congratulations Dr. Zhang!

• July 2014: Our paper titled "Twisting and Piezochromism of Phenylene-Ethynylenes With Aromatic Interactions Between Side Chains and Main Chains” has been accepted for publication in Chemical Science.  The paper is linked HERE.

• July 2014: Our lab, together with the labortory of Ayse Asatekin, has been awarded a Tufts Collaborates! seed grant for photoactive membrane materials.

• June 2014: BS chemist Trey Lawrence has accepted a job at Aramco.  Good luck Trey!

• May 2014: The Board of Trustees at Tufts University has approved Sam’s application for promotion to Associate Professor without limit of time.

• May 2014: Our recent Ph.D. recepient, Dr. Patricia Gumbley, has accepted a position at Dow.  Best of luck Patty!

• May 2014: Our paper titled “Reversible Photochemical Tuning of Net Charge Separation from Contact Electrification” has been published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.  You can find the link HERE.

• April 2014: Rob has successfully defended his Ph.D. Thesis!  Congratulations Dr. Pawle!

• April 2014: Patty has successfully defended her Ph.D. Thesis!  Congratulations Dr. Gumbley!

• March 2014: Our paper titled "Bandgap Engineering of Conjugated Materials With Non-Conjugated Side Chains” has been published in Macromolecules.  The paper is HERE.

• February 2014: Our paper titled "Combining Electronic and Steric Effects For Highly Stable Unsymmetric Pentacenes” has been published in Chemistry A European Journal.  You can find the paper HERE.

• January 2014: Our paper titled "Wavelength-Selective Disruption and Triggered Release with Photolabile Polyelectrolyte Multilayers” has been published in Chemistry of Materials.  You can see the paper HERE.

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