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Optical Parametric Generator/Optical Parametric Amplifier (OPG/OPA)

The OPG/OPA, built by LaserVision, Inc., is optically pumped by an Ekspla, Inc. PL2143A/20 20ps pulse width Nd:YAG laser. The OPG/OPA is a source of broadly tunable, infrared laser radiation and a fixed wavelength (532nm) laser beam. The OPG/OPA is tunable over the 2.5μm - 4μm wavelength range (2500 cm-1 4000 cm-1). This is achieved by a series of nonlinear optical and parametric processes.

Internally, the 1064nm wavelength beam from the Nd:YAG laser is split into two beams. One beam goes through a BBO crystal, which generates the fixed wavelength (532nm) green light laser, which in turn, is split into two parts. One part of the green beam is sent to the sample in the SFG experiment. The other part of the green beam is directed to an OPG stage. The OPG stage generates a seed beam (approximately 1.2μm wavelength) via two KTP crystals. This seed beam is then combined with the second part of the 1064nm wavelength beam within the OPA via KTA crystals to create the mid-infrared light for the SFG experiment. Extraneous wavelengths and polarizations are filtered by a dichroic mirror and stacked plate polarizer.

Specific infrared and visible pulse energies are selected via adjustable attenuators consisting of half wave plates coupled with thin film polarizers. The OPG/OPA is capable of producing infrared energies of more than 1mJ/pulse and 532nm pulse energies of more than 0.5mJ/pulse.

Note: KTA refers to potassium titanyl arsenate, KTP refers to potassium titanyl phosphate and BBO refers to beta barium oxide. All three of these are synthetic crystals.

Our OPG/OPA bought from LaserVision, with excellent service provided by:

Dean R. Guyer, Ph.D.

2755 Northrup Way
Bellevue, WA 98004
Phone: (425) 260-4678
Fax: (425) 828-3517

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