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Graduate Student Positions Available

Now recruiting graduating students in two areas: (1) Students interested in applying physics and chemistry to understand the inner workings of hydrogen bonding. Hydrogen bonding plays key roles in environmental, biological, and atmospheric chemistry. Our program has research thrusts in all three directions. We specialize both in devising environments that clearly reveal key interactions and in developing new instrumentation, (2) Students with interest in developing new materials to fill the significant need for safe drinking water. According to the World Health Organization, over one billion people lack safe drinking water. Our program is based on using photocatalysts to capture readily available sunlight to turn pollutants into benign CO2 and water.

Both programs have a unique five years guaranteed support, competitive stipends, full health insurance and ready access to all amenities of the Boston area. Apply through the graduate school.

For more about being a graduate student in the Shultz group, read more about some of our graduate student accomplishments.

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