The Mace Lab uses a multidisciplinary approach—combining aspects of chemistry, materials science, biophysics, cell biology, and engineering—to study the properties of interfaces, develop new analytical assays and instrumentation, characterize materials, and solve outstanding problems in global health.  

Paper-Based Microfluidic Devices for Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Our research has elements of basic, applied, and translational science:

  • How do cells recognize and respond to different materials? 
  • Can we develop effective methods to diagnose diseases in resource-limited settings?
  • What is the underlying principle behind phase separation in aqueous solutions of polymers?
  • How are methods that we develop in the laboratory used by others? 


02/25/19 — Our group has just recevied a CAREER Award from the NSF to continue our work on paper-based biosensing! Congratulations to everyone!!
02/14/19 — Our
manuscript has just been published in Analytical Methods!  It was named as a "HOT Article”
02/05/19 — Charlie was named as an Emerging Investigator by Analytical Methods! Read his interview here.
01/16/19 — The Mace Lab is off to Columbus Elementary School in Medford for outreach!
12/11/18 — Charlie presents at
10/08/18 — Charlie presents at UC Irvine
10/03/18 — Syrena successfully defends her Ph.D. thesis. Congrats Dr. Fernandes!
09/06/18 — Jenna successfully defends her Ph.D. thesis. Congrats Dr. Walz!
08/19/18 — The Mace Lab is off to 2018 Fall ACS Meeting in Boston! Charlie is running a
session/speaking, Dan is speaking, Chris is speaking, and Charlie is speaking yet again. Big meeting for the Mace Lab!

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