The Mace Lab uses a multidisciplinary approach—combining aspects of chemistry, materials science, biophysics, cell biology, and engineering—to study the properties of interfaces, develop new analytical assays and instrumentation, characterize materials, and solve outstanding problems in global health.  

Our research has elements of basic, applied, and translational science:

  • How do cells recognize and respond to different materials? 
  • Can we develop effective methods to diagnose diseases in resource-limited settings?
  • What is the underlying principle behind phase separation in aqueous solutions of polymers?
  • How are methods that we develop in the laboratory used by others? 


03/24/17 — Charlie gives a tag-team seminar with Charlie Sykes at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Radiation Oncology
03/22/17 — Charlie gives a seminar at
Colorado State University in the Department of Chemistry
03/09/17 — Our manuscript has just been accepted to Journal of Visualized Experiments!
03/08/17 — Syrena (presentation), Jenna (poster), and Dan (poster) are off to Pittcon!  Good luck!
02/27/17 — Charlie presents a speed talk at Global Food+ 2017. Check out the Twitter feed for more details #GlobalFoodPlus
12/03/16 — Charlie gives a seminar at the MRS/Kavli Future of Materials Workshop on Biosensors & Biodiagnostics
11/30/16 — Charlie gives a seminar at Harvard University in the 
Squishy Physics Seminar Series
11/15/16 — Our lab welcomes a new graduate student, Keith
10/20/16 — Our lab heads to Medford High School to teach science fair students how to build paper-based microfluidic devices
10/14/16 — Charlie gives a seminar at 
Colby College in the Department of Chemistry
09/19/16 — Our hematocrit device was highlighted in C&E News!
08/30/16 — Our 
manuscript has just been accepted to Lab on a Chip!

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