The Mace Lab uses a multidisciplinary approach—combining aspects of chemistry, materials science, biophysics, cell biology, and engineering—to study the properties of interfaces, develop new analytical assays and instrumentation, characterize materials, and solve outstanding problems in global health.  

Paper-Based Microfluidic Devices for Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Our research has elements of basic, applied, and translational science:

  • How do cells recognize and respond to different materials? 
  • Can we develop effective methods to diagnose diseases in resource-limited settings?
  • What is the underlying principle behind phase separation in aqueous solutions of polymers?
  • How are methods that we develop in the laboratory used by others? 


07/25/19 — Charlie is a guest editor for an upcoming collection on Bioanalytical Sensors in Analytical Methods!
07/14/19 — Katie returns from two weeks in Ghana performing field research on the use of paper devices for food micronutrients. 
06/10/19 — Our group receives an award from the Tufts Launchpad Accelerator program to support the first field study of our paper devices!
05/24/19 — Our perspective has just been published in ACS Sensors!
05/19/19 — We send Patrick and Ray off to enjoy their summers before starting Ph.D. programs in the Fall! Thank you both for your contributions!
04/25/19 — Patrick successfully defends his Senior Honors thesis and passes with High Honors!
04/21/19 — Our 
manuscript has just been published in Analytical Methods!
04/09/19 — Congratulations to Lara for receiving an Honorable Mention in the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program!
04/08/19 — Congratulations to Philip and Katie for being being named 2019 Laidlaw Scholars!  These scholarships will support their research for the next two summers.
04/08/19 — Congratulations to Lara for being accepted into the Tufts Graduate Institute For Teaching (GIFT) program!
04/05/19 — Congratulations to Jess for winning 3rd place in the Tufts $100k New Ventures Competition.
03/22/19 — Our 
manuscript has just been published in Journal of Analysis and Testing!
02/25/19 — Our group has just recevied a CAREER Award from the NSF to continue our work on paper-based biosensing! Congratulations to everyone!!

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