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Yu-Shan Lin
Department of Chemistry
Tufts University
62 Talbot Avenue Pearson 103-X
Medford, MA 02155

Email: yu-shan.lin@tufts.edu



  • April: Yingjie (Tim) Ling is selected as a 2019—2021 Laidlaw Scholar. Congratulations, Tim!
  • April: Mr. Kevin Schult joins the group. Welcome, Kevin!
  • March: Omeir Khan is selected as a 2019 Summer Scholar. Congratulations, Omeir!
  • March: Aidan Fike is named a 2019—2020 Beckman Scholar. Congratulations, Aidan!
  • March: Our review “Using synthetic peptides and recombinant collagen to understand DDR—collagen interactions,” is published in Biochim. Biophys. Acta Mol. Cell Res.





  • November: Our review article “Collagen interactions: Drug design and delivery” with the Brodsky Lab at Tufts Biomedical engineering is published in Adv. Drug Deliv. Rev.
  • November: Sarah Solomon passes the Research Topic Exam. Congratulations, Sarah!
  • October: Julia Rogers wins the Outstanding Presentation in Theoretical Biophysics Chemistry at the Gulf Coast Undergraduate Research Symposium. Congratulations, Julia!

  • October: The group participate in the Reverse Science Fair at Medford High School!

  • September: Ms. Arya Mekkat joins the group. Welcome, Arya!
  • August: Julia Rogers wins the ACS COMP Undergraduate Poster Award at the 250th American Chemical Society National Meeting in Boston, MA. Congratulations, Julia!
  • July: YSL receives the ACS OpenEye Outstanding Junior Faculty Award in Computational Chemistry.
  • June: Diana Slough passes the Third-Year Research Update. Congratulations, Diana!
  • June: Sean McHugh passes the Third-Year Research Update. Congratulations, Sean!
  • April: Diana Slough wins the American Institute of Chemistry Student Award. Congratulations, Diana!
  • April: Diana Slough is selected to participate in the Tufts GREAT program. Congratulations, Diana!
  • March: Mr. Zach Graziano joins the group. Welcome, Zach!
  • March: Julia Rogers is named a 2015 Tufts Beckman Scholar. Congratulations, Julia!
  • March: Julia Rogers wins the COMP Division's Undergraduate Research Poster Award at the 249th American Chemical Society National Meeting in Denver, CO. Congratulations, Julia!
  • January: Sean McHugh receives the GAANN fellowship. Congratulations, Sean!



  • November: Sean McHugh passes the Research Topic Exam. Congratulations, Sean!
  • November: Diana Slough passes the Research Topic Exam. Congratulations, Diana!
  • October: Mr. Owen Martin and Mr. Jordan Rossen join the group. Welcome, Owen and Jordan!
  • September: Mr. Andrew Rosen joins the group. Welcome, Andrew!
  • April: Our paper “A perfluoroaryl-cysteine SNAr chemistry approach to unprotected peptide stapling” with the Pentelute Lab at MIT Chemistry is published in J. Am. Chem. Soc.
  • January: Mr. Joshua Levy joins the group. Welcome, Josh!


  • November: Mr. Sean McHugh and Ms. Diana Slough join the group. Welcome, Sean and Diana!
  • October: Dr. Hongtao Yu joins the group. Welcome, Hongtao!
  • September: Mr. Benjamin Kim joins the group. Welcome, Ben!
  • September: The YSL Group starts at Tufts Chemistry!
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