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Hi: This is old, but being re-sent to the additional addresses
acquired after my recent discovery of KK's home page. PKR, Dec 20.
>>>> stephanians worldwide on the internet * 10 Dec 95
The 100-and-somethingth annual Reunion of Old Stephanians
concluded today at college. Usual stuff: nostalgia, mostly
60s-70s types, minute's silence for the departed, tearful speech
or two, lunch. Lots of people. Lunch spilled over into the SCR
as a buffet, like last year, with the dining hall all packed.
New to today's program was the college band. Present-day
Stephanians; and Hotel California, some indigenous stuff,
fusion, et al. Nice.
The Reunion, for the uninitiated, is always on the first Sunday
after founder's day, Dec 7 (the founder's day address was by
Rahul Bajaj (Bajaj group) this year).
Two new blocks of classrooms have come up and been activated,
behind the main block of the main building. They've kept the
pattern and design the same so it blends well enough, but the
finish looks terribly rough so it looks older than the main
block. Oh well.
College collected Rs 130k or so for the mid-95-initiated
save-the-college-repair-the-roads fund; contributions of Rs 500
or multiples were solicited. Also on, for the interest of
physics-types, is an R K Popli memorial fund. For these, you can
continue to send in your $20...40 contributions in a cheque to
"The Principal, St Stephen's.", addressed to to principal and to
Dr S C Bhargava, respectively.
This Stephanian network on the net is a bit inactive, isn't it.
Someone want to set up a SSC maillist somewhere? Easier and
cheaper (usually free) in the US than here.
nth-time-request: please send me Net contacts (of Stephanians)
that you know. Just fwd this to them and cc it to me, will do.
At least cover those in your own universities.
Prasanto K Roy . Physics '88. New Delhi.