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The Kritzer Laboratory

Here's what's happening in the Kritzer lab:

May 2019

Congrats to Livia, Santosh and Kamlesh for their new paper in ACS Infectious Diseases on the discovery of small-molecule inhibitors of a bacterial virulence factor! A collaboration with the Murphy Lab at U. Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine.

Apr 2019

Congrats to Hawley for being named a Tufts Summer Scholar! And Congrats to Cassie and Ravi for both being named Laidlaw Scholars!!

Congrats to Kirsten for her excellent review on methods for measuring cytosolic localization of biotherapeutics. A collaboration with the Pluckthun group!

And congrats to Rob for a thoughtful Viewpoint article on the engineering of multidomain antibodies against flu!

Mar 2019

The Kritzer lab has their first-ever retreat! We talked about our current and future projects, what makes us passionate about science, and what is important to us outside of lab. And we had a blast questing together at Boda Borg!

Jan 2019

Congrats to Ashleigh and co-first author from the Lin Lab, Jiayuan, for their just-accepted paper in Biophysical Journal. The latest in our ongoing colalboration with the Lin Lab!

Jan 2019

Welcome to new undergraduate researcher Cameron!

Dec 2018

The K-lab celebrates the holidays. 2018 was awesome and 2019 will be even better!!

Nov 2018

Welcome to new graduate student Jiaxing!

Sep 2018

Welcome to new undergraduate researchers Hawley, Ravi, Erika, and Cassie! Every question you ask makes us better scientists, so ask away!!

Sep 2018

Congrats to Francini for earning an NIH F31 Predoctoral Fellowship!!

Aug 2018

Congrats to Leila, Kirsten, and Matt for their fantastic work on the chloroalkane penetration assay! Their work was just accepted at JACS!!

May 2018

Congrats to Leila for her review in Angewandte Chemie, entitled Getting in: emerging methods and design principles for cell-penetrant peptides! Great work on a timely subject.

May 2018

Congrats to Lauren for being awarded an Astronaut Scholarship!!

Apr 2018

Congrats to Lauren for being awarded the 2018 R.M. Karapetoff Cobb Chemistry Prize!

Congrats to Eriko for being named a 2018-2019 Tufts Beckman Scholar!

Congrats to Leila for winning the GSAS Award for Outstanding Academic Scholarship!

Mar 2018

Leila defended her PhD! Congratulations to Dr. Peraro!!

Mar 2018

Congrats to Ashleigh and to our collaborators in the Pentelute Lab and Lin Lab for their just-published paper in J. Phys. Chem. B!

Jan 2018

Welcome to new postdoc Dr. Jennifer Pace!

Dec 2017


The Kritzer lab celebrates the holidays with food, drinks and fun!


Nov 2017

Welcome to new graduate students Francini, Kevin and Jing, and to new undergraduate researcher Hawley! We are thrilled you are part of the Kritzer lab!

Sep 2017

Congrats to Robert Cerulli for earning an F30 NIH Fellowship! Way to go Rob!

Sep 2017

Congrats to Alissa, Kaley, Robyn, and collaborators Jenna and Charlie for an excellent paper on EHD1 inhibitors, now online at Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry! Great work!


June 2017


The cover of the June 14 issue of JACS features our autophagy-inducing peptides!



May 2017

Our article on stapled peptides that induce autophagy was selected as the ACS Editor's Choice for May 9, 2017!

Apr 2017

Congrats to Leila, Kamlesh and Ashleigh for their article on stapled peptides that induce autophagy just accepted at JACS!

Apr 2017

Welcome to new undergraduate researchers Shannon Geary, Eriko Koide, Ben Orr, and Lauren Varanese!

Mar 2017

Alissa Kamens defends her thesis entitled "Conformational Restriction of the NPF Motif to Target EHD1 and Endocytic Recycling." Congrats Dr. Kamens!

Feb 2017

Congrats to Tim and Mike for their Methods in Molecular Biology protocol for using LoopFinder!

Dec 2016

Welcome to new graduate student Kirsten Deprey!

Sep 2016

Congrats to Tim, Mike, and Kamlesh -- their paper was just accepted in JACS!

Aug 2016

Congrats to Tim and Leila for their recently published Methods in Enzymology paper!

Aug 2016

The Kritzer Lab celebrates another amazing year with chips, grad students, salsa, postdocs and guac.

Jul 2016

Welcome to new postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Yang Mei!

May 2016

Michael Bird and Caitlin Keenan defended their senior theses, both earning Highest Thesis Honors. Mike and Kate, your futures are bright!

Apr 2016

Tim Siegert defends his thesis entitled "Identification of Loop Mediated Protein-Protein Interactions and Design of Cyclic Peptide Locked Loop Inhibitors." Congrats Dr. Siegert!

Feb 2016

Welcome to new postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Kamlesh Makwana!

Dec 2015

Amanda Aldous defends her thesis entitled "Metal Binding and Catalytic Activity of Macrocyclic Peptides." Congrats Dr. Aldous!

Nov 2015

Welcome to three new graduate students, Ashleigh Cummings, Kaley Mientkiewicz, and Livia Shehaj!!

Sep 2015

Welcome to Rob Cerulli, a new MD/PhD student in the Kritzer Lab!

Aug 2015

Congrats to Mike Bird for winning the ACS COMP division's Outstanding Undergraduate Research award at the National ACS Meeting!!

May 2015

The Kritzer Lab, sans undergrads, takes a well-earned break to relax and celebrate!

Apr 2015

Congrats to Tim Siegert and Mike Bird for winning awards from NESACS at this year's Northeastern Student Chemistry Research Conference!

Apr 2015

Joshua is elected as a Member of the Molecular Microbiology graduate program at the Sackler School for Biomedical Sciences!

Mar 2015

Congrats to Amanda Aldous for winning the Tufts Graduate Research Competition!

Oct 2014

Congrats to Dr. Justin Quartararo, the first PhD student graduating from the Kritzer Lab!!!

Oct 2014

Congrats to Justin, Matt and Leila and collaborators Dr. Yu, Prof. Lin, and Prof. Baleja! Their paper is in press at Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry!

Sep 2014

Congrats to Prof. Jason Gavenonis, a former postdoc of the Kritzer group, on starting a faculty position at Dickinson College.

Jul 2014

Congrats to Matt, Amanda and Kosh for their careful structural analysis of metal-bound and unliganded cyclic peptides! Their paper is in press at Tetrahedron!

Jul 2014

Congrats to Alissa, Robyn, and our collaborators at the Sackler School for their development of cyclic peptide inhibitors of the EH domain of EHD1. Their paper is in press at Biochemistry!

Jul 2014

The Kritzer Lab takes some time out to celebrate being so awesome!

Jun 2014

Congrats to Jason and Nick for their description of helical peptides that inhibit the protein Hsp90, in press at Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry!

Jun 2014

Congrats to Kosh and Amanda for their second paper on constrained analogs of the ATCUN motif, in press at Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry!

May 2014

Congrats to Brad, Jason, Tim and Matt for their implementation of LoopFinder, an algorithm for investigating loop-mediated protein-protein interactions. This work is in press at Nature Chemical Biology!

Dec 2013

Welcome to new postdoctoral researcher Dr. Shaun Cote, and new graduate student Leila Peraro!

Aug 2013

Congrats to Santosh for his excellent contribution to ChemBioChem!

Jun 2013

Congratulations to Justin Quartararo, who received an NIH Predoctoral fellowship! Great job Justin!

May 2013

Joshua receives Tufts' ROUTE award, the highest award given to junior faculty at Tufts in recognition of exceptional teaching.

Mar 2013

Congratulations to Sara Khosrowjerdi for her selection as a Tufts Beckman Scholar!

Feb 2013

Congrats to Kosh and Amanda for their excellent contribution to Inorganic Chemistry!

Dec 2012

The Kritzer Lab celebrates its third year with a holiday party!

Jun 2012

Welcome to new postdoctoral researcher Dr. Robyn Eisert!

May 2012

Congratulations to Linda Le and Matt Davis for defending their Senior Honors Theses!

Jan 2012

Welcome to new undergraduate researchers Sara Khosrowjerdi, Brad Sheneman, Austin Hsieh, Lily Barnard, and Erica Mason!

Nov 2011

Welcome to new graduate students Angelo Bautista, Albert Gjeluci and Tim Siegert!

Jul 2011

Welcome to postdoctoral researcher Kosh Neupane!

Jun 2011

The Kritzer Lab celebrates its second year with a lab barbecue!

May 2011

Welcome to undergraduate researchers Elise Hsu and Linda Le!

Matt Davis is named a Tufts Summer Scholar for 2011. Congratulations Matt!

Dec 2010

Welcome to graduate students Alissa Kamens and Amanda Aldous and undergraduate researcher Pianpian Wu!

Oct 2010

Welcome to postdoctoral researcher Dr. Jonathan Bock!

Sep 2010
Prof. Kritzer is named as one of the recipients of the 2010 NIH New Innovator Award!
This program is intended "to support exceptionally creative new investigators who propose highly innovative projects that have the potential for unusually high impact."

Check out our video, "What Makes a Good Scientist?" Produced by summer visitor Olivia Goolkasian.

Justin is named a GAANN Fellow for 2010/2011. Congratulations Justin!

The Kritzer lab is now a member of the Structural and Chemical Biology Program of the Tufts Medical Center Cancer Center.

Jason is named a TEACRS fellow. Congratulations Jason!

Welcome to undergraduate researcher Steve Smith and postdoctoral researcher Jason Gavenonis!

Aug 2010

The Kritzer lab celebrates its first year with a lab barbecue!

Nov 2009

The Kritzer lab welcomes graduate students Rob Schuster and Justin Quartararo!

The Kritzer lab welcomes undergraduate researchers Hayley Marcus and Matt Davis!

Prof. Kritzer is named as one of five recipients of the Smith Family Awards for Excellence in Biomedical Research! The award's mission is "to launch the careers of outstanding biomedical researchers with the ultimate goal of achieving medical breakthroughs."

Sep 2009

Paper detailing the construction of genetically expressed cyclic peptide libraries and application to models of Parkinson's disease is published in Nature Chemical Biology.

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Summer 2009

Check out a short documentary film featuring Prof. Kritzer discussing his postdoctoral research, applying new technologies to investigate the causes of Parkinson's disease:

Exploring Parkinson's disease in Yeast Using Cyclic Peptides