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  Sarah Iacobucci is Director of Undergraduate Laboratories in Tufts University's Chemistry Dept. and serves as Chairperson for National Chemistry Week in the Northeastern Section of the ACS. This section of her website is devoted to information about 2001 and 2002 NCW activities.
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National Chemistry Week
About National Chemistry Week

National Chemistry Week (NCW) is an annual event celebrating the contributions of chemistry. The celebration originated in 1987 as National Chemistry Day and by 1989 had grown into an entire week of activities. During National Chemistry Week, local sections of the American Chemical Society organize activities that correspond with an annual theme. Events are held at museums, schools, libraries, shopping malls, and businesses, nationwide.

Last year's (2001) theme for National Chemistry Week was ‘Celebrating Chemistry and Art’ and the Northeastern section of the American Chemical Society (NESACS) held events in the Boston area.

Discriptions and photos of last year's events and plans for this year can be accessed by choosing the appropriate button on the left.

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