The HHMI Array Project involves university faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, as well as high school teachers and students in research opportunities and courses. A list of resulting reports, articles and theses appears below.

Undergraduate Theses

  • Development of a low cost ligation based SNP genotyping assay, Sarah Philips, Spring 2010 (pdf)
  • Development of a Ligation based assay to genotype mitochondrial SNPs Kaitlin Minnehan, Spring 2010
  • Reports


    • “Synthesis and Biological Testing of Penicillins: An Investigative Approach to the Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory,” Whitaker, Ragnhild, Truhlar, Laura, Yuksel, Deniz, Walt, David, and Williams, Mark. Journal of Chemical Education, 2010, 87(6), pp 634-636.
    • “Visualizing Fluorescence: Using a Homemade Fluorescence “Microscope” to View Latent Fingerprints on Paper,” LaFratta, Christopher, Walt, David; Huh, Sun; Mallillin, Allistair; Riviello, Peter. The Journal of Chemical Education, 2010, 87 (10), pp 1105-107