• Ongoing - Science Ambassadors are Tufts students who go out to local high schools to work directly with teachers and students. We bring experiments developed by undergraduates at Tufts and equipment and reagents out to schools. You must have open time on at least one week day between the hours of 8am and 2pm to participate, and run through the experiments in the early part of the semester. Students are paid hourly.
          • Summer Research 2011 - We are looking for chemistry, biochemistry or computer science students interested in gaining undergraduate research experience. Students will spend 10 week (May 31-Aug 5 2011) doing research full time in the lab, and will receive a $4000 stipend. Interested students should apply (see application information below) by April 6, 2011. Project descriptions and application information is listed below.

          Research Project Descriptions

          1. Topic: Analytical chemistry/ science education. We have developed two low cost experiments for classroom use: one on identifying genetically modified food and a second on maternal ancestry. The research project is to improve the labs so they have a more reliable readout, and to "green" the labs by replacing reagents with more environmentally friendly options, where possible. The undergraduate researcher will also be asked to participate as a Science Ambassador during the academic year (see description above)..

          2. Topic: Analytical chemistry/ biology – Mentor Dr. Mael Manesse The goal of the project is to isolate and analyze cells of interest, or a single cell, from of population of cells. This interdisciplinary project involves: biochemistry techniques to fluorescently label cells of interest before recognition, optics, to build an efficient detection platform to sort and analyze the cells, microfabrication and microfluidics to handle small volumes of reagents as well as single cells.This project will be coupled with other platforms already in development in the lab such as Total internal reflection microscopy (TIRFM) or optical tweezers.

          3. Topic: Analytical Chemistry/ Biology – Mentor Dr. Huabin (Eli) Huang The goal of the project is to develop a platform to analyze single cells in single molecule resolution. We are planning to make an integrated microfluidic device with functional modules for cell screening, single cell isolation, cell lysis, lysate separation, and microwell-based single molecule analysis. Microfabrication techniques, such as photolithography and soft lithography, are used for device fabrication,  fluorescence microscopy is used for device characterization and imaging.

          Application Information

        • Students who are interested should submit the following to Meredith Knight via email (Meredith.knight@tufts.edu). Transcripts and letters can be scanned and sent as .pdf files, or can be sent snail mail to Meredith Knight at Pearson Laboratory, 62 Talbot Ave, Medford MA 02155. We consider applicants on a rolling basis.
        • Your name:
        • Expected Graduation Year:
        • Major(s):
        • Minor(s):
        • Telephone: (cell phone is best)
        • Email address:
        • You must include the following:

          1. A copy of your transcript. An unofficial copy of your SIS transcript is acceptable.

          2. A three paragraph essay describing why you decided to major in science (1 paragraph), why you are interested in research (1 paragraph), and your future plans after graduation (1 paragraph). The entire essay should be no more than 500 words.

          3. A professor (preferably science professor) who we could contact as a reference.



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