About the CO-OP

The CO-OP is designed to revitalize science classrooms by bringing open ended science experiments, modern techniques and equipment and undergraduate Science Ambassadors to urban high school science classrooms.The Chemistry Organized Outreach Partnership, or (CO-OP) has four goals:
1. To enrich high school teacher knowledge and skills in chemistry
2. To engage high school teachers and students in the excitement of open-ended science inquiry
3. To create a group of college chemistry majors skilled at communicating science ideas to high school audiences
4. To establish a model for resource sharing between science education partners
The goals will be accomplished through two main activities: providing resources to teachers and establishing a coordinated system of teacher support and university outreach.

Who is in the CO-OP

The CO-OP currently includes four high schools: Somerville High School, Medford High School, Malden High School, and Josiah Quincy Upper School in Chinatown.

What experiments do we do?

During the 2010-2011 school year we are focusing on two experiments: the maternal ancestry experiment, and the genetically modified food experiment. Both experiments were developed at Tufts by undergraduate students, and were reviewed in the summer workshop for CO-OP teachers in 2010.

What is the schedule for classroom visits?/ How many students have you reached?

Date School # students
Nov 2010 Somerville HS 27
Dec 2010 Medford HS 24
Jan 2011 Medford HS 160
Feb/ Mar 2011 Malden HS 91
Mar 2011 Josiah Quincy Upper School (Chinatown) 51
May 2011 Somerville HS 30
Total Students reached 383

CO-OP in the news

The CO-OP was covered by the Tufts Daily. Click here for a link to the Op/Ed piece.

  • September 30, 2010