Research Projects

Undergraduate research has formed the core of the ARRAYS project. In addition to gaining first-hand research experiences, the HHMI-sponsored undergraduate researchers worked on projects designed to communicate the open-ended nature of science to alarger audience of undergraduate and high school students. Our evaluation results indicate that the students have learned a great deal from their research experience and that the teachers and high school students who helped pilot test experiments also benefited.

All individuals who participate in ARRAYS laboratory research gain first hand research experience in lab, are mentored by Professor Walt and Tufts graduate students, and participate in lab meetings to document the progress on their projects. Program participants work on projects which are designed to communicate the open ended nature of science to a larger audience of undergraduate and high school students. These projects are the penicillin project, the maternal ancestry project and the genetically modified food project.

Since 2006, the HHMI Award has supported research experiences for many students in the Walt Lab, including Tufts undergraduates, students from Morehouse College, Spelman College, Case Western University, and high school interns. Additionally, we are actively working with teachers and students in Somerville High School, Malden High School, Medford High School and Quincy Upper School in the Chemistry Organized Outreach Partnership (CO-OP), which is our strategy for K-12 outreach.