Genetically Modified Food Project

Over 93% of the the soybeans grown in the U.S. have been genetically modified (see, USDA website). Genetically Modified Foods (or GM for short) continue to appear in the news, and yet many of the foods in the United States are not labeled as to whether or not they contain GM products. The genetically modified food project gives students the opportunity to bring in various items containing soy and test those items using a biosensor. This project is also an opportunity for students to consider the different arguments for and against GM food and to use their scientific knowledge to evaluate those arguments.

Title Description File
Genetically Modified Organism Overview An introduction to genetic modification and its effects on industry. overview
Part 1: DNA purification Students purify DNA from their sample of soy product. Soy DNA Purification
Part 2: Running PCR Students prepare their sample by adding primers and run it overnight. Running PCR
Part 3: Biosensor Readout Students use biosensors to determine whether their soy product contains GM soy. Identification of soy food product