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A Few Useful Links

Manuals (Tufts University)

Solvent Purification System

Chemistry and Biology

Carbohydrate Websites

Protein Data Bank

Periodic Table

List of QSAR and CAMM software

List of QSAR and CAMM software (#2)

Encyclopedia of Metabolic Pathways

Enzyme Database

Spectral Database for Organic Compounds

On-line Medical Dictionary

Named Organic Reactions

Local Organizations


Groups with Interest in
Inositols, IPGs, and Diabetes

Karol Bruzik

Jose Chiara

J. R. Falck

Michael A. J. Ferguson

Zhongwu Guo

Peter Konradsson

Steven Ley

Manuel Martin-Lomas

Richard Ostlund

Barry V. L. Potter

Alan Saltiel

Richard R. Schmidt

Peter Stralfors

Susumu Suzuki

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