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• September 2017: See a summary of our presentation at the Fall 2017 ACS meeting summarized in a recent article in C&E News that highlights non-conventional building blocks in conjugated materials.

• September 2017: Our paper titled "UV and NIR-Responsive Layer-by-Layer Films Containing 6-Bromo-7-hydroxycoumarin Photolabile Groups” has been accepted for publication in Langmuir. You can find the paper HERE.

• August 2017: Our paper titled “Directly Photopatternable Polythiophene as Dual Tone Phtoresist” has been published in Macromolecules. The link to the paper is HERE.

• July 2017: Congratulations to Xiaoran Hu, who successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis! Dr. Hu will be moving to a postdoctoral assoicate position in the laboratory of Prof. Maxwell Robb at Caltech.

• April 2017: Congratulations to undergraduate researcher Yimin Zhang, who won the Phyllis Brauner Memorial Book Prize for outstanding elevator pitch at the NSCRC Conference. Yimin also defended her Senior Thesis with High Honors! 

• April 2017: Our paper titled "Ratiometric Singlet Oxygen Detection in Water Using Acene Doped Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles” has been published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. The link to the paper is HERE.

• March 2017: Our paper titled "Substituent Effects that Control Conjugated Oligomer Conformation Through Non-Covalent Interactions” has been published in JACS.  The paper is HERE.

• February 2017: Congratulations to 3rd Year Grad Student Seth Sharber, who won the poster prize at this year’s Bruker-MIT Symposium! You can see a picture of Seth accepting the poster prize HERE.

• February 2017: Our paper titled “Light-Controlled Selective Disruption, Multilevel Patterning, and Sequential Release with Polyelecrolyte Multilayer Films Incorporating Four Photocleavable Chromophores” has been published in Chemistry of Materials.  The link is HERE.

• November 2016: Welcome to 1st Year Graduate Student Will Mullin!

• August 2016: Thank you to the National Science Foundation (Chemistry Division, Chemical Measurement and Imaging Program) for supporing our research on singlet oxygen-responsive nanoparticles.

• August 2016: Thank you to the Department of Energy (Basic Energy Sciences, Materials Chemistry Program) for supporting our research on understanding solid-state structure and properties of conjugated molecules.

• August 2016: Our paper titled “Triggered Release of Encapsulated Cargo from Photoresponsive Polyelectrolyte Nanocomplexes” has been published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.  See it HERE.

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