Annual Theme

The Center’s theme for 2018-2019 is “Culture, History, and Translation”. Culture, History and Translation considers longer histories of connection, exchange, and interdependency in ways that unsettle discretely bounded territories and recast received historical periods. It does so by reconsidering formerly studied “areas” by reassigning the global study of Europe, transoceanic studies, hemispheric American studies, global Black diaspora studies, and global Asia studies. Specifically, we critically engage translation as interceding on settled notions of culture and history and as imbricated in constructions of colonialism, race, empire and diaspora.

In 2017-2018, the annual theme was "Materialisms, Old and New". The theme encompassed theories of materialism from older Greek philosophical traditions, through modern dialectical materialism and scientific materialism, to the range of approaches currently referenced as the "new materialism." It included projects in the arts, humanities, and interpretive social sciences, and suggested that culture, society, history, environment, religion, arts, and representation, as well as ontology, epistemology, and politics, are rethought in relation to material processes, objects, and affects.