Biology Union of Graduate Students

Every academic year, the grad students get to host an invited speaker of their choice! The specialty of the invited speaker rotates each year (Group A, Group B, Group C) but all graduate students are welcome to nominate and vote for the invited speaker! On the day of his/her visit, the invited speaker meets with grad students, has lunch with grad students, gives that week's seminar, and ends the visit with dinner with grad students!

VOTE for the invited speaker today (it's Group C's turn)! Voting will be open until Monday, February 6.

If you have any questions, email Rachael Bonoan or Gina Mantica.

Recent Grad Student Invited Speakers

Dr. Paul Blaney


Group A (Genetics, and Molecular Biology)

Dr. James Traniello

Boston University

Group B (Phyisiology)

Dr. Thomas D. Seeley


Group C (Evolution, Ecology, Behavior)