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Undergraduate Program

Transfer of Credit

Please provide the following to the Biology department so that your transfer of credit request can be processed in a timely manner:

A list of the university's requirements for the Biology major and proof that the course you're signing up to take would count toward the Biology major at that university. If there is no proof the course counts towards the Biology major at that university, it will be considered for transfer as a non-major natural science course at Tufts.

A web link which directs to the catalog description of the course. If the link is to the university catalog, make sure to supply the specific page of the catalog that describes the course you want to transfer otherwise the transfer request will be rejected.

If this course is offered during the summer term supply information that it meets for the requisite number of hours to be the equivalent of a fall or spring course.

If you're looking for transferring credit for Biology 13 or 14, make sure that the course included the lab or that you ALSO include the course number for the laboratory course associated with it. Introductory biology courses intended for non-majors will NOT transfer as equivalent to either Bio 13 or 14. Introductory courses without labs also will not transfer as equivalent to either bio 13 or 14.

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