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Undergraduate Program: Research Opportunities

Publications with Undergraduate Co-authors

Since 2008

Papers published with undergrad co-authors (Undergraduate co-authors in bold):

Soltis N, S Gómez, L Gonda-King, EL Preisser & CM Orians. 2015. Contrasting effects of two exotic invasive hemipterans on whole-plant resource allocation in a declining conifer. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata, in press

Gómez S, L Gonda-King, CM Orians, DA Orwig, R Panko, L Radville, N Soltis, CS Thornber & EL Preisser. 2015. Interactions between invasive herbivores and their long-term impact on New England hemlock forests. Biological Invasions, 17: 661-673

Kowalsick A, N K Foury, A Robbat, S Ahmed, CM Orians, T Griffin, SB Cash & JR Stepp. 2015. Metabolite profiling of Camellia sinensis by automated sequential, multidimensional gas chromatography/mass spectrometry reveals strong monsoon effects on tea constituents. Journal of Chromatography A, 1370: 230-239

Pechenik, J.A., Tyrell, A.S., (2015). Larval diet alters larval growth rates and post-metamorphic performance in the marine gastropod Crepidula fornicata. Mar Biol 162: 1597-1610.

Bashevkin, S., Pechenik, J.A., (2015). The interactive influence of temperature and salinity on larval and juvenile growth in the gastropod Crepidula fornicata (L.). J.Exper.Marine Biology & Ecology 470: 78-91.

Ahmed S, JR Stepp, CM Orians, TS Griffin, C Matyas, A Robbat, S Cash, D Xue, C Long, U Unachukwu, S Buckley & EJ Kennelly. 2014. Effects of extreme climate events on tea (Camellia sinensis) functional quality validate indigenous farmer knowledge and sensory preferences in tropical China. PloS ONE, 9(10): e109126. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0109126

Korpita T, S Gomez & CM Orians. 2014. Cues from a specialist herbivore increase tolerance to defoliation in tomato. Functional Ecology 28: 395–401

Ahmed S, CM Orians, TS Griffin, S Buckley, U Unachukwu, AE Stratton, JR Stepp, A Robbat Jr., S Cash & EJ Kennelly. 2014. Effects of water availability and pest pressures on tea (Camellia sinensis) growth and functional quality. AoB PLANTS, doi: 10.1093/aobpla/plt054

Lobo, D., Feldman, E., Shah, M., Malone, T., and Levin, M., (2014). A bioinformatics expert system linking functional data to anatomical outcomes in limb regeneration, Regeneration, 1(2): 37-56.

Bolterstein E, Rivero R, Marquez M, McVey M. (2014). The Drosophila Werner Exonuclease participates in an exonuclease-independent response to replication stress. Genetics 197:243-252.

Lattin, C.R., Ngai, H.M. Romero, L.M. 2014. Evaluating the stress response as a bioindicator of sub-lethal
effects of crude oil exposure in wild house sparrow (Passer domesticus). PLOS ONE. 9:e102106.

Adam M. Thomas, Carrie Hui, Adam South and Mitch McVey (2013) Common Variants of Drosophila melanogaster Cyp6d2 Cause Camptothecin Sensitivity and Synergize with Loss of Brca2. G3.Genes.Genomes.Genetics 3: 91-99.

Korpita T, Gómez S, Orians CM. Induced tolerance to a specialist herbivore as an adaptive response in tomato. To be submitted to Functional Ecology.

Daniel Lobo; Taylor J. Malone; Michael Levin, (2013), Planform: an application and database of graph-encoded planarian regenerative experiments, Bioinformatics 2013; doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btt088

Vandenberg, L. N., Morrie, R. D., Seebohm, G., Lemire, J. M., and Levin, M., (2013), Rab GTPases are required for early orientation of the left-right axis in Xenopus, Mechanisms of Development, in press

Schaevitz LR, Gomez N, Zhen DP, Berger-Sweeney JE. (2013) MeCP2 R168X male and female mutant mice exhibit Rett-like behavioral deficits. Genes Brain Behav (submitted)

Griethuijsen, L. I. v., Banks, K.M. and Trimmer, B. A. (2013) Spatial accuracy of a rapid defense behavior in caterpillars. Journal of Experimental Biology. 216(3):379-387.

Rieffel, J., Knox, D., Smith, S. and Trimmer, B.A. (2013) Growing and evolving soft robots. Artificial Life. 1-20. DOI: 10.1162/ARTL_a_00101

Bauer, C.M., Skaff, N.K., Bernard, A.B., Trevino, J.M., Ho, J.M., Romero, L.M., Ebensperger, L.A. & Hayes, L.D. (in press, General and Comparative Endocrinology). Habitat type influences endocrine response in the degu (Octodon degus).

Tigreros, N., E. Sass, and S.M. Lewis. 2013. Sex-specific response to nutrient limitation and its effects on female mating success in a gift-giving butterfly. Evolutionary Ecology, in press.

Lattin, C.R., Waldron-Francis, K., Romero, L.M. 2013. Intracellular glucocorticoid receptors in spleen, but not skin, vary seasonally in wild house sparrows (Passer domesticus). Proc. Royal Soc. Lond. B. 280 (1756).

Berner, N.J., Heil, L.A., Romero, L.M. 2013. Seasonal variation in corticosterone in free-living and captive Eastern red spotted newts Notophthalmus viridescens viridescens. J. Herp. In Press.

Gómez S, AD Steinbrenner, S Osorio, M Schueller, RA Ferrieri, AR Fernie & CM Orians. (2012) From shoots to roots: transport and metabolic changes in tomato after simulated feeding by a specialist lepidopteran. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata, 144: 101–111

Gómez S, Steinbrenner AD, Osorio S, Schueller M, Ferrieri RA, Fernie AR & Orians CM. (2012) From shoots to roots: transport and metabolic changes in tomato after feeding by a specialist lepidopteran. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 144: 101-111

Vandenberg, L. N., Stevenson, C., and M. Levin, (2012), Low frequency vibrations induce malformations in two aquatic species in a frequency-, waveform-, and direction-specific manner, PLoS One, 7(12): e51473.

Lobo, D., Malone, T. J., and Levin, M., (2012), Towards a bioinformatics of patterning: a computational approach to understanding regulative morphogenesis, Biology Open, doi: 10.1242/bio.20123400.

Levin, M., and Stevenson, C., (2012), Regulation of Cell Behavior and Tissue Patterning by Bioelectrical Signals: challenges and opportunities for biomedical engineering, Annual Reviews in Biomedical Engineering, 14: 295-323.

Zhang Y, Shishkin AA, Nishida Y, Marcinkowski-Desmond D, Saini N, Volkov KV, Mirkin SM, Lobachev KS. (2012) Genome-wide screen identifies pathways that govern GAA/TTC repeat fragility and expansions in dividing and nondividing yeast cells. Mol Cell. 48(2):254-65.

Keyel, A. C., D.T. Peck, and J. M. Reed. (2012). No evidence for individual assortment by temperament relative to patch area or patch openness in Bobolinks. Condor 114:212-218.

Kane DP, Shusterman M, Rong Y, McVey M. 2012. Competition between replicative and translesion polymerases during homologous recombination repair in Drosophila. PLoS Genetics 8(4): e1002659.

Heustis RJ, Ng HK, Brand KJ, Rogers MC, Le LT, Specht, C, and Fuhrman, JF (2012) Pharyngeal Polysaccharide Deacetylases Affect Development in the Nematode C. elegans and
Deacetylate Chitin In Vitro. PLoS ONE 7(7): e40426.

Steinbrenner, A.D., N. Agerbirk, C.M. Orians and F.S. Chew, 2012. Transient abiotic stresses lead to latent defense and reproductive responses over the Brassica rapa life cycle. Chemoecology, 22: 239-250

Lattin, C.R., Waldron-Francis, K., Richardson, J., de Bruijn, R., Bauer, C.M., Breuner, C.W., Romero, L.M. 2012. Pharmacological characterization of intracellular glucocorticoid receptors in nine tissues from house sparrow (Passer domesticus). Gen. Comp. Endocrinol. 179:214-220.

Steinbrenner AD, S Gómez, S Osorio, AR Fernie & CM Orians. 2011. Herbivore-induced changes in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) primary metabolism: A whole plant perspective. Journal of Chemical Ecology, 37: 1294-303

Full Papers (Undergraduate co-authors in bold)

Vandenberg, Laura N., Morrie, Ryan, and Adams, Dany Spencer (2011) V-ATPase-dependent ectodermal voltage and pH regionalization are required for craniofacial morphogenesis. Developmental Dynamics (In Press).

Lionel Gellon, David F. Razidlo, Olive Gleeson, Lauren Verra, Danae Schulz, Robert S. Lahue, and Catherine H. Freudenreich. New functions of Ctf18-RFC in preserving genome stability outside its role in sister chromatid cohesion. (2011) PloS Genetics Feb 10 7 (2) e1001298.

Lin, H.-T., Slate, D., Paetsch, C., Dorfmann, L. and Trimmer, B. (2011). Ontogenetic scaling of caterpillar body properties and its biomechanical implications on the use of hydrostatic skeletons. Journal of Experimental Biology 214, 1194-1204.

Cherng, N., Shishkin, A.A., Schlager, L.I., Tuck, R.H., Sloan, L., Matera, R., Sarkar, P.S., Ashizawa, T., Freudenreich, C.H., Mirkin, S.M. (2011) Expansions, contractions, and fragility of the spinocerebellar ataxia type 10 pentanucleotide repeat in yeast. /Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA/ 108(7): 2843-2848.

Lionel Gellon, David F. Razidlo, Olive Gleeson, Lauren Verra, Danae Schulz, Robert S. Lahue, and Catherine H. Freudenreich. New functions of Ctf18-RFC in preserving genome stability outside its role in sister chromatid cohesion. (2011) PloS Genetics Feb 10 7 (2) e1001298.

Lenkowski, J. R., Sanchez-Bravo, G. and McLaughlin, K. A. (2010) Low concentrations of atrazine, glyphosate, 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D), and triadimefon exposures have diverse effects on Xenopus laevis organ morphogenesis. Journal of Environmental Sciences 23(1).

Sundararajan R., Gellon, L., Zunder, R. M., and Freudenreich, C. H. (2010). Double-Strand Break Repair Pathways Protect against CAG/CTG Repeat Expansions, Contractions and Repeat-mediated Chromosomal Fragility in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Genetics Jan 2011,184(1):65-77.

Simon, M.A., Woods, W.A. Jr., Serebrenik, Y.V, Simon, S.M., Griethuijsen, L.I. v, Socha, J.J., Lee, W.K. and Trimmer, B.A. (2010) Visceral-locomotory pistoning in crawling caterpillars (Manduca sexta). Current Biology 20 (16) 1458-1463.

Chan SH, Yu AM, McVey M. (2010). Dual roles for Drosophila DNA polymerase theta in alternative end joining of double-strand breaks. PLoS Genetics 6:e1001005.

Awerman, J.L., Romero, L.M. 2010. Chronic psychological stress alters body weight and blood chemistry. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. Part A: Mol. Integ. Physiol. 156:136-142.

Sharkey, E.K., South, A., Moosman, P.R., Cratsley, C.K., & S.M. Lewis. Assessing condition-dependence of male flash signals in Photinus fireflies. Journal of Insect Behavior 23:215-225.

Payne A., Schildroth D.A., Starks P.T. (2010). Nest site selection in the European wool-carder bee, Anthidium manicatum, with methods for an emerging model species. Journal: Apidologie

Vitousek, M.N., Mitchell, M.A., Romero, L.M., Awerman, J., Wikelski, M. 2010. To breed or not to breed: physiological correlates of reproductive status in a facultatively biennial iguanid. Horm. Behav. 57:140-146.

Stevenson C.G., Beane W.S. 2010. A low percent ethanol method for immobilizing planarians.
PLoS One; 5(12); e15310.

Witsell A, Kane DP, Rubin S, and McVey M. (2009). Removal of the Bloom Syndrome DNA helicase extends the utility of imprecise transposon excision for making null mutations in Drosophila. Genetics 183: 1187-1193.

DesRochers, D.W., J.M. Reed, J. Awerman, J.A. Kluge, J. Wilkinson, L.I. van Griethuijsen, J. Aman, and L.M. Romero. 2009. Exogenous and endogenous corticosterone alter feather quality. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part A 152: 46-52.

Kostelanetz, S., Dickens, M.J., Romero, L.M. 2009. Combined effects of molt and chronic stress on heart rate, heart rate variability, and glucocorticoid physiology in European starlings. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. Part A: Mol. Integ. Physiol. 154:493-501.

LeVan, K., T. Fedina, and S.M. Lewis. 2008. Testing multiple hypotheses for the maintenance of male homosexual copulatory behavior in flour beetles. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 22: 60-70.

South, A., K. LeVan, L. Leombruni, C. Orians, and S.M. Lewis. 2008. Examining the role of cuticular hydrocarbons in firefly species recognition. Ethology 114: 916�92.

Dickens, M.J., Earle, K., Romero, L.M. 2009. Initial transference of wild birds to captivity alters stress physiology. Gen. Comp. Endocrinol. 160:76-83.

Gloser, V., K. Libera, C.M. Orians. 2008. Contrasting below- and aboveground responses of two deciduous trees to patchy nitrate availability. Tree Physiology, 28:37-44

Lenkowski, J., Reed, J.M., Deininger, L., and McLaughlin, K.A. (2008) Perturbation of Organogenesis by the Herbicide Atrazine in the Amphibian Xenopus laevis. Environmental Health Perspectives 116:223-230 (published online Nov. 22, 2007).

Bracken, C., Mizeracka, K., and McLaughlin, K.A. (2008) Patterning the embryonic kidney: BMP signaling mediates the differentiation of the pronephric tubules and duct. Developmental Dynamics 237:132�144 (published online Dec. 10, 2007).

Strochlic, D. Romero, L.M. 2008. The effects of chronic psychological and physical stress on feather replacement in European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris). Comp. Biochem. Physiol. Part A: Mol. Integ. Physiol. 149:68-79.

Presentations at Meetings (undergraduate co-authors in bold)

Awerman, J.L., Romero, L.M. 2009. The effect of chronic psychological stress on blood chemistry in European starlings. Soc. Integ. Comp. Biol.

Prentice, N.E., Wikelski, M., Romero, L.M., Florant, G.L. 2009. Non-esterified fatty acid concentrations in Gal�pagos marine iguanas during a mild El Ni�o year. Soc. Integ. Comp. Biol.

Glassman, L.W. Butler, L.K., Romero, L.M. 2009. Behavioral responses of an endangered and a common bird to human and naturalistic disturbances. Soc. Integ. Comp. Biol.

Kostelanetz, S., Dickens, M.J., Butler, L.K., Romero, L.M. 2009. Effects of chronic stress during molt on the heart rate and heart rate variability of European starlings. Soc. Integ. Comp. Biol.

Dickens, M.J., Earle, K., Delehanty, D.J. Romero, L.M. 2008. Evaluating the effects of translocation on the avian stress response. Amer. Ornithol. Union.

Romero L. M., DesRochers D. W., Strochlic D. E., van Griethuijsen L. I., Awerman J. 2008. Corticosterone and feather growth: are corticosterone pellets good surrogates for chronic stress? IX Intern. Soc. Avian Endocr.

Wilkinson, J., Reed, J.M., Romero, L.M. 2007. Stress during molt does not affect feather degradation via bacteria. Wilson Ornith. Soc.

Dickens, M.J. Earle, K., Romero, L.M. 2007. Stress and translocation success in chuckar (Alectoris chukar). Soc. Integ. Comp. Biol.

Cyr, N., Tam, C., Romero, L.M. 2007. The effect of chronic psychological stress on corticosterone and plasma metabolites in European starlings. Soc. Integ. Comp. Biol.

Romero, L.M., Strochlic, D., DesRochers, D.W., Wilkinson, J.G., Reed, J.M. 2006. Corticosterone negatively impacts feather quality during molt. XXIV International Ornithological Congress.

Earle, K.A., Romero, L.M. 2006. Effects of chronic stress on the cell-mediated immune response in European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris). Soc. Integ. Comp. Biol.

McVey M, J.R. LaRocque, M.D. Adams, D. Newsome, J.J. Sekelsky.  2005 The Drosophila melanogaster DmBlm helicase functions in both mitotic and meiotic recombination.  Keystone Conference: Genome Instability and Repair, Taos, NM.

Mizeracka, Karolina (presenter/winner of poster competition) and Kelly A. McLaughlin. 2005 Role of BMP signaling during kidney development. Society for Developmental Biology Northeast Regional Meeting, Woods Hole, MA.

DesRochers, D.W., Reed, J.M., Aman, J., Romero, L.M.  2005.  Effects of corticosterone on feather quality. XV Intern. Congress. Comp. Endocrinol.

Gurley K, Kravets B, Siegel A and Starks P. 2004. Heat Shielding in Honeybees: The Effect of this Localized Behavior on Internal Hive Temperatures. NAS-IUSSI Meetings

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Strochlic, D., Romero, L.M.  2004.  Basis for the downregulation of plasma corticosterone concentration in molting European starlings. VIII Intern. Soc. Avian Endocr.

Sundararajan R., R. Zunder and C.H. Freudenreich 2004 Repair Choice at a Trinucleotide Repeat Break. DNA Repair and Mutagenesis (ASM)

McVey M, M.D. Adams, J.R. LaRocque, D. Radut, J.J. Sekelsky.  2004 Repair of a DNA double-strand gap in Drosophila proceeds through homologous recombination and non-canonical end-joining pathways.  Poster presented at IRACDA Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Pfeil , Emily C.  (presenter), Stacey P. Coleman and Kelly A. McLaughlin. 2004 Notch signaling influences the early patterning of Xenopus laevis. Volume 271, Issue 2, Developmental Biology, July 15, 2004, pp 619.

Newsome D. and M. McVey.  2004  The role of the DmBlm protein in drosophila double strand break repair.  Poster presented at MEAMP Research Symposium, Charlotte, NC, October 2004.

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