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News Archives: 2010-2011

Faculty News

George Ellmore, Associate Professor of Biology, was a visiting scholar at Vietnam National University of Science, Hanoi in Nov-Dec 2011. He was invited to help celebrate the anniversary of the university's founding, to teach Biology and Botany in a new Advanced and Honors program, and to present research seminars relating to work done at Tufts University. In December he was appointed Adjunct Professor of Biology at VNU Science, Hanoi.

Michael Romero, Professor of Biology, was the Plenary Speaker, 8th International Conference on Behavior, Physiology and Genetics of Wildlife. Berlin, Germany, September 2011.

Grants received:  Collaborative Grant, Michael Levin (Co-PI), 9/15/2011- 8/31/2012: A computer framework for modeling complex patterning. The National Science Foundation.

Graduate Student, Postdoctoral Fellow and Undergraduate News

Congratulations to Adam South, from the Sara Lewis Lab, upon successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis entitled "Seminal Influences: The Role of Nuptial Gifts in Sequential Episodes of Sexual Selection."

Congratulations to Linnea van Griethuijsen, from the Barry Trimmer Lab, upon successfully defending her Ph.D. thesis entitled "Behavioral responses to mechano-sensory information in a soft-bodied terrestrial animal."

Congratulations to Tegan Morton, from the Colin Orians Lab, upon successfully defending her Masters. thesis entitled "Invassion consequences and ecology: evaluation of community and environment sinteractions of an exotic, invasive plant, garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata)."

Congratulations to Dan Kane, from the Mitch McVey Lab, upon successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis entitled "Planes, Trains and Polymerases: an analysis of polymerase action during DNA double-strand break repair in Drosophila."

Wendy Scott Beane, Postdoctoral Fellow in the Levin Lab, attended the Mechanisms of Organ Repair & Regeneration (MORR) conference in Sept 2011 at NIH, presenting a poster on her work "Membrane Voltage Regulates Anterior Polarity During Planarian Regeneration." An image from her work won First Place at the conference in the MORR Image Award Competition.

Sasha Keyel, 5th year doctoral candidate in the Reed Laboratory, was invited to present to the Nuttall Ornithological Club, Cambridge, MA. in March 2012. Title: Habitat selection in grassland birds.

Sasha also presented at the American Museum of Natural History, NY, NY in October 2011. Title: Testing the role of patch openness as a causal mechanism for apparent area sensitivity. Student Conference on Conservation Science. Other department members in attendance were: Michael Romero, Michael Reed, Carolyn Bauer and Christine Lattin.

Carolyn Bauer, 3rd year graduate student in the Romero laboratory, received a Sigma Xi grant-in-aid of research this Fall.

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