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News Archives: 2008-2009

General News

The Annual Meeting of the National Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology was held in Boston on January 5-7, 2009. Sara Lewis, Kelly McLaughlin, Jan Pechenik, Michael Reed, Michael Romero, Philip Starks, and Barry Trimmer are the mentors and co-authors of this very impressive list of those who presented posters and talks: graduate students Michael Simon, Noah Wilson-Rich, Molly Dickens, Christine Lattin, David DesRochers, Jenny Lenkowski, Brian Tavernia, Adam South, Susan Weiner, Natasha Tigreros, Jessica Brubaker, Huai-Ti Lin; post-doctoral fellows William Woods, Qinglei Ming, Luke Butler; undergraduates Jessica Awerman*, Alyssa Corbett*, Laura Glassman* and Sophia Kostelanetz*. Graduate alumna Randi Rotjan also presented.

*Undergraduate in Biology

Faculty News

The Biology Department would like to welcome Michael Levin, Professor and Director of Tufts Center for Regenerative and Developmental Biology! Mike and his staff of Post-Doctoral Associates and graduate students are located at 200 Boston Avenue. Learn more about the Levin Laboratory >

In November 2008, George Ellmore was awarded $6,000 by the Hummingbird Cay Foundation to support the Tropical Field Ecology trip to a remote field station in the Bahamas, for ten days of exploration, field research, and seminars. In addition to ten undergraduates, Dr. Sara Lewis and Dr. George Ellmore are faculty participants this year, aided by recent Biology alumna Dr. Randi Rotjan and current Biology graduate student Tegan Morton. This award brings the total value of this foundation grant to $119,000.

Prof. Sergei Mirkin was a co-organizer of the 6th international conference "Unstable Microsatellites and Human Disease" that was held in Costa Rica in January. Learn more >

Prof. Jan Pechenik's 6th edition of "Biology of the Invertebrates" has been published by McGraw-Hill and is now the most widely-used textbook in its field.

Professor Michael Reed and graduate student, Alexander "Sasha" Keyel received a grant from the Nuttall Ornithological Club for grassland bird research this past fall.

Graduate Student News

Huai-ti Lin, PhD candidate in the Trimmer Laboratory, received an NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant "Mechanics of Soft-bodied Legged Locomotion: Are Caterpillars Worms with Legs?"

Adam South, PhD candidate in the Lewis Laboratory, received a grant from the NSF to participate in the East Asia and Pacific Summer Institute for the summer. He will be working with Dr. Ping Shih Yang at National Taiwan University, investigating sexual selection in various species of Asian fireflies. Adam also received a Student Research Grant from the Animal Behavior Society.

Colleen Butler and Shoni Caine each received a Graduate Student Travel Award to attend conferences in Albuquerque, NM, and San Francisco, CA, respectively.

At the 11th Annual Presentation of Graduate Student Awards, held on May 1, 2009, the following Biology Department graduate students received awards:

  • Molly Dickens, Outstanding Academic Performance
  • Minda Berbeco, Jiahui Yang, Colleen Butler, Anne Madden and Adam South were recipients of Graduate Student Research Awards.

Adam South, helped to create, in conjunction with the Museum of Science, the Firefly Watch, and won the Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange Award in the education and learning category. Many people are listed on the award, but Adam and two Tufts alums, Chris Cratsley and Kristian Demary, actually were the genesis of the idea as well as the site designers. Next spring, the Museum plans to re-launch the website for a second season of firefly watching. Learn more >

Biology Graduate Student, Christine Surka, attended the Unstable Microsatellites and Human Disease conference in Costa Rica. She presented a poster on replication stalling and stabilization at Fragile X CGG repeats and received an award from the poster contest selection committee and $500 from the University of Costa Rica.

Noah Wilson-Rich is the $10,000 winner of the Dow Chemicals Student Sustainability Challenge. Project title: Development of Broad Spectrum Vaccines for Honey Bees

Amy Yu received a travel award from the Keystone Symposia in order to present her research at the Genome Instability and DNA Repair Conference in March 2009.

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