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Lab Members

Casey Diederich
4th year Graduate student Casey Diederich is working with the marine gastropod Crepidula fornicata in both the field and laboratory to study the costs and adaptations associated with intertidal life.
Robert Burns
Robert is a third year graduate student interested in understanding the environmental cues that trigger metamorphosis in larvae of the marine polychaete worm Capitella teleta, and in understanding how those cues work within the larvae after they are perceived.
Aaron Pilnick
Aaron is an undergraduate senior, looking at how environmental stresses experienced early in development affects post-metamorphic survival, growth, and reproductive output in the marine polychaete worm Capitella teleta.
Melissa Karp
Melissa will be initiating a new project in the lab this semester, looking at how stresses experienced in early development impact the survival and reproduction of rotifers. Melissa is a senior this year, majoring in Biology.
Sam Bashevkin
Sam has been looking at the tolerance of juvenile Crepidula fornicata to desiccation stress, and this semester will also be starting a new project looking at how various environmental factors influence juvenile growth rates in this species. Sam is a junior this year, majoring in Biology.