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Climate Change and Tea

Project Leaders: Interdisciplinary Project

Our project addresses critical knowledge gaps related to climate effects on crop quality and their corresponding socio-economic responses. We use tea production and consumption systems as a case study to explore complex interactions between human and natural systems. Our primary study objective is to provide quantitative data on how and why tea quality is vulnerable to changing climate conditions and pest pressures and the resulting linkages to consumer purchasing decisions, markets, farmer livelihoods, ecological knowledge and management practices.

For a summary of findings to date visit: www.teaclimate.org

Collaborators at Tufts:

Colin Orians, Sean Cash, Al Robbatt and Timothy Griffin

Graduate Students
Rebecca Boehm, Alana Detone, Nicole Kfoury, Eric Scott

Collaborators at other institutions
Selena Ahmed (Montana State University), and Corene Matyas and Richard Stepp (University of Florida)