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Current Lab Members

Robert Schaeffer
Postdoctoral Researcher

Robert completed his PhD in 2014 at Dartmouth College. He is broadly interested in chemical-mediated species interactions and their implications for broader community patterns. For his PhD, he studied the role of nectar-inhabiting microbes as mediators of plant-pollinator mutualisms. In the lab, Robert examines how changes in defensive chemistry mediate interactions between two exotic herbivores (Adelges tsugae and Fiorinia externa) and the performance of their native host, Tsuga canadensis. He also examines linkages between aboveground herbivory by these invasives and the belowground ecology of T. canadaensis and its microbial associates.
Eric Scott
PhD Student

Eric is a PhD student studying the effects of herbivory on defense and flavor chemistry in tea (Camellia sinensis) in the context of climate change.
Esther Miller
PhD Student

Esther is a PhD student looking at the impact of invasive herbivores on the plant defense chemistry of the Eastern Hemlock.
Maria.Ordovas Montanes
Undergraduate Researcher

Maria is working on an interdisciplinary Biology and Community Health senior honors thesis. Her work investigates the impact of climate on tea quality and how consumers make food choices in the context of climate change.
Anne Elise Stratton
Undergraduate Researcher

Anne Elise is an undergraduate working on her senior honors thesis in Environmental Studies, Food Systems, Nutrition, and the Environment. Her research focuses on the relationship between plant biodiversity factors in Guatemalan smallholder cornfields and the protein and amino acid composition of maize from those fields. Overall, her thesis discusses biodiversity and socioecological health in the Q'eqchi' milpa system of Sarstún, Guatemala.
Amanda Sommi
Undergraduate Researcher

Amanda is an undergraduate studying Biology and Environmental Studies. Her research in the lab is focused on the over-winter feeding behavior of the hemlock-woolly adelgid.