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Some of Our Former Lab Members

Harsha Amaravadi (Class of 2016)
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Email: Harsha.Amaravadi@tufts.edu
Phone: 617.627.4518

Dr. Michelle Gaudette
Visiting Scholar
Email: michelle.gaudette@tufts.edu
Phone: 617.627.2909
Connor P. McBrine (Class of 2016)
Undergraduate work study
Dr. Shoshoni (Shoni) Caine (Tufts Ph.D. 2013)
Graduate Research Assistant
2012 Outstanding Graduate Student Contribution to Undergraduate Studies Award
Awarded Provost Fellowship from the Tufts University Council on Graduate Education
Tierra Ouellette (Class of 2016)
Undergraduate Research Assistant/work study
Michael Acquafredda (Class of 2015)
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Congratulations on receiving the Russell L. Carpenter Summer Internship (2014)
Stephanie Wan (B.S. 2014)
Undergraduate Research Assistant (senior honors thesis 2013-2014)
Good luck with your Ph.D. at Berkeley!
Christopher Davis (M.S. 2013)
Graduate Research Assistant
Good luck at your teaching position at the Brooks School (North Andover)
Mariya Kryatova (B.S. 2013)
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Good luck in Medical School!
Elizabeth Card (B.S. 2014)
Undergraduate Research Assistant
View sample of artwork
Congratulations on your Fulbright Fellowship!
Zachary Michel (B.S. 2014)
Undergraduate Research Assistant
NSF Undergraduate Research Assistant
Tufts University Summer Scholars Fellowship 2012
Mohammad Mosaheb (B.S. 2014)
Undergraduate Work Study Assistant
Good luck in Medical School!
Phone: 617.627.4518
Alexandra Adams (Class of 2014)
Undergraduate Research Assistant 2011
Daniel Kulla (Class of 2013)
Undergraduate Research Assistant 2010
Award: The Anna Quincy Churchill Prize in General Biology
Arissa Young (B.S. 2011)
Undergraduate Research Assistant 2009-2010
Award: REU 2009
Will attend Albert Einstein College of Medicine (class of 2017) - Congrats!
Dr. Jenny Lenkowski (Ph.D. 2010)
Ph.D. Graduate Research Assistant 2004-2009
Ph.D. dissertation title: Exploring the effects of the herbicide atrazine on tadpoles in the model amphibian Xenopus laevis during organ morphogenesis
Awards: Graduate Student Research Award, Outstanding Contribution to Undergraduate Education, SDB Graduate Student Travel Award, Graduate Research Fellowship (Tufts Institute for the Environment)
Publications: Lenkowski et al., 2008; Lenkowski & McLaughlin 2010; Lenkowski et al., 2010
Congrats on your tenure-track Assistant Professor of Biology position at Goucher College in Towson, MD (starting summer 2013).
Gabriela Sanchez-Bravo (B.A. 2010)
Undergraduate Research Assistant 2007-2010
Awards: REU 2007, Summer Scholars 2009, Class of 1911 Prize
Publication: Lenkowski et al., 2010
Enjoy your research at Mount Sinai, NY!
Dr. Carolyn Gaydos Miazga (Ph.D. 2009)
Ph.D. Graduate Research Assistant 2003-2009
Ph.D. thesis title: Notch signaling mediates cell fate decisions during gastrulation in Xenopus laevis
Publications: Contakos et al., 2005; Miazga & McLaughlin, 2009
Thuy Ivy Vy Vo (B.S. 2009)
Undergraduate Research Assistant spring 2007-2009
Enjoy your time in France!
Katie Rizzolo (B.A. 2009)
Undergraduate Research Assistant 2007-2008
Patrick McMillen (B.S. 2008)
Undergraduate Research Assistant 2006-2008 (senior honors thesis)
Awards: Neubauer Scholars Program, Tufts Summer Scholars 2006, The Paula Frazier Poskitt Scholarship 2007, National SDB Undergraduate poster award 2007
Good luck with your PhD at Yale!
Dr. Ellen Sampson Moore
Visiting Scholar 2006-2007
Best wishes to you and your beautiful family.
Lisa Deininger (B.S. 2007)
Undergraduate Research Assistant 2004-2005
Awards: Neubauer Scholars Program, Tufts Summer Scholar 2005
Manuscript: Lenkowski et al., 2008
Chrissy Evola Bracken (M.S. 2007)
M.S. Graduate Research Assistant 2005-2007
M.S. dissertation title: Creating an embryonic kidney: The role of Bone Morphogenetic Protein signaling during patterning and differentiation of pronephric tissue in Xenopus laevis
Awards: SDB Travel Award spring 2006
Publication: Bracken et al., 2008
Enjoy your time at Genzyme.
Karolina Mizeracka (B.S. 2005)
Undergraduate Research Assistant 2003-2005 (senior honors thesis)
Awards: Tufts Summer Scholars 2004; Class of 1947 Victor Prather Prize, SDB Travel award, Phi Beta Kappa
Publication: Bracken et al., 2008
Good luck with your PhD at Harvard!
Emily Pfeil Brigham (B.S. 2005)
Undergraduate Research Assistant 2002-2005 (senior honors thesis)
Awards: Churchill Prize 2002, Tufts Summer Scholar 2003, Phi Beta Kappa, Carmichael Prize, Carpenter, SDB travel award
Publication: Contakos et al., 2005
Congrats on your M.D. from Hopkins!
Ramya Iyer (M.S. 2005)
M.S. Graduate Research Assistant 2003-2005
Dr. Stacey P. Contakos Coleman (M.S. 2004)
MS Graduate Research Assistant 2002-2004
M.S. dissertation title: A New Role for Notch Signaling in Xenopus Gastrulation
Publication: Contakos et al., 2005
Congrats Dr. Stacey (D.V.M)!
Stephanie Ricci (B.A. 2004)
Undergraduate Research Assistant 2002-2003
Meaghann E. Guyote
Undergraduate Research Assistant 2004
Awards: REU 2004 visiting from Emory University, Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
Viet Le (B.S. 2003)
Undergraduate Research Assistant 2002
Jiahui Yang
Ph.D. Graduate student rotation (summer 2003)
Olivia Ambrogio
Ph.D. Graduate student rotation (spring 2003)