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Selected Recent Publications

Al-Wathiqui, N., E.B. Dopman, and S.M. Lewis. 2016. Postmating transcriptional changes in the female reproductive tract of the European corn borer moth. Insect Molecular Biology, in press.

Franklin, A.M., N. J. Marshall, and S.M. Lewis. 2016. Multimodal signals: Ultraviolet reflectance and chemical cues in stomatopod agonistic encounters. R. Soc. Open Sci. 3: 160329.

Lewis S.M., K. Vahed, J.M. Koene, L. Engqvist, L.F. Bussiere, J.C. Perry, D. Gwynne, G.U.C. Lehmann. 2014. Emerging issues in the evolution of animal nuptial gifts. Biology Letters 10: 20140336.

South, A. and S.M. Lewis. 2012. Determinants of reproductive success across sequential episodes of sexual selection in a firefly. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London - B 279: 3201-3208. pdf

Lewis, S.M., N. Tigreros, T. Fedina, and Q.L. Ming. 2012. Genetic and nutritional effects on male traits and reproductive performance in Tribolium flour beetles. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 25: 438-451. pdf

South, A., K. Stanger-Hall, M.L. Jeng, and S.M. Lewis. 2011. Correlated evolution of female neoteny and flightlessness with male spermatophore production in fireflies (Coleoptera: Lampyridae). Evolution, 65: 1099-1113. pdf

Rotjan, R.D. and S.M. Lewis. 2010. Social context of shell acquisition in Coenobita clypeatus hermit crabs. Behavioral Ecology 20:639 - 646.  pdf

Fedina, T. and S.M. Lewis. 2008. An integrative view of sexual selection in Tribolium flour beetles. Biological Reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 83: 151-171.  pdf