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Recent Publications

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Reinmets, K., Dehkharghani, A., Guasto, J. S., and Fuchs, S. M. (Submitted) Microfluidic approach to quantify yeast surface adhesion. Pre-print available from ChemRxiv doi.

House, N.C.M., Polleys, E.J., Quasem, I., Joyce, C.E., Takacsi-Nagy, O., Hayman, R.B., Krebs, J., Fuchs, S.M., Freudenreich, C.H. (Submitted) Saccharomyces cerevisiae H2A copies differentially contribute to recombination and CAG/CTG repeat maintenance, with a role for H2A.1 threonine 126. Pre-print available from BioRxiv doi.

Babokhov, M., Reinfeld, B. I., Hackbarth, K., Bentov, Y., and Fuchs, S. M. (Submitted) Tandem repeats drive variation of intrinsically disordered regions in budding yeast. Pre-print available from BioRxiv doi.

Babokhov, M., Mosaheb, M. M., Baker, R. W., and Fuchs, S. M. (2018) Repeat-Specific Functions for the C-Terminal Domain of RNA Polymerase II in Budding Yeast. G3 (Bethesda) 8(5), 1593-1601. PMID: 29523636.


Quasem I, Luby C, Mace CR, Stephen M. Fuchs (2017) Density separation of quiescent yeast using iodixanol. Biotechniques, Vol 69(4) 169-173.


Morrill SA, Exner AE, Babokhov M, Reinfeld BI, Stephen M. Fuchs. (2016) DNA Instability Maintains the Repeat Length of the Yeast RNA Polymerase II C-terminal Domain. J Biol. Chem. 291(22):11540-50. PMID: 27026700

Harlen KM, Trotta KL, Smith EE, Mosaheb MM, Stephen M. Fuchs, Churchman LS. (2016) Comprehensive RNA Polymerase II Interactomes Reveal Distinct and Varied Roles for Each Phospho-CTD Residue. Cell Reports 15(10):2147-58. PMID: 27239037


Rothbart SB, Dickson BM, Raab JR, Grzybowski AT, Krajewski K, Guo AH, Shanle EK, Josefowicz SZ, Stephen M. Fuchs, Allis CD, Magnuson TR, Ruthenburg AJ, Strahl BD. (2015) An Interactive Database for the Assessment of Histone Antibody Specificity. Molecular Cell. 59(3): 502-11. PMID: 26212453


A.A. Alekseyenko, A.A. Gorchakov, B.M. Zee, Stephen M. Fuchs, P.V. Kharchnko, M.I. Kuroda. (2014) Heterochromatin-associated interactions of Drosophila HP1a with dADD1, HIPP1, and repetitive RNAs. Genes Dev. 28(13), 1445-1460. PMCID: PMC4083088.

Stephen M. Fuchs and Ishtiaque Quasem. (2014) Budding Yeast as a model to study epigenetics. Drug Discov Today: Dis Models. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ddmod.2014.04.004.


Stephen M. Fuchs (2013) Chemically-modified tandem repeats in proteins – Natural combinatorial peptide libraries. ACS Chem. Biol. 8(2) 275-282. PMID: 23157399.

Adam P. Lothrop, Matthew P., Torres, and Stephen M. Fuchs (2013) Deciphering post-translational modification codes. FEBS Lett. 587(8) 1247-1257. PMID 23402885.


S. Nishikori, T. Hattori, Stephen M Fuchs, N. Yasui, J. Wojcik, A. Koide, B. D. Strahl, S. Koide. (2012) Broad ranges of affinity and specificity of anti-histone antibodies revealed by a quantitative peptide immunopreciptation assay. J. Mol. Biol. 424(5), 391-399.

S.B. Rothbart, K. Krajewski, N. Nady, W. Tempel, S. Xue, A.I. Badeaux, D. Barsyte-Lovejoy, J.Y.Martinez, M.T. Bedford, Stephen M. Fuchs, C.H. Arrowsmith, and B.D. Strahl (2012) Association of UHRF1 with methylated H3K9 directs the maintenance of DNA methylation. Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 19(11), 1155-1160.

S.B. Rothbart, K. Krajewski, B.D. Strahl, and Stephen M. Fuchs (2012) Peptide microarrays to interrogate the 'histone code'. Methods Enzymol. 512, 107-135.

Stephen M. Fuchs, Kizer KO, Braberg H, Krogan NJ, Strahl BD. (2012) RNA polymerase II carboxyl-terminal domain phosphorylation regulates protein stability of the Set2 methyltransferase and histone H3 di- and trimethylation at lysine 36. J Biol. Chem. 287(5):3249-56. Epub 2011 Dec 7. PMID: 22157004


S.C. Kerr, N. Azzouz, Stephen M. Fuchs, M.A. Collart, B.D. Strahl, A.H. Corbett, R.N. Laribee. (2011) The ccr4-not complex interacts with the mRNA export machinery. PLoS One, 6, e18302. PMID: 21464899

Stephen M. Fuchs, K. Krajewski, V.L. Miller, R.W. Baker, B.D. Strahl. (2011) Influence of combinatorial histone modifications on antibody and effector protein recognition. Curr. Biol. 21(1), 53-58. PMID: 21167713

Stephen M. Fuchs, R.N. Laribee, B.D. Strahl (2009). Protein modification in transcription elongation. Biochem. Biophysic. Acta 1789, 26-36. PMID: 18718879

M.L. Youdell, K.O. Kizer, E. Kisseleva-Romanova, Stephen M. Fuchs, E. Duro, B.D. Strahl, J. Mellor (2008). Regulation of Set2 (KMT3) methyltransferase leads to functionally different methylation states at lysine 36 on histone H3. Mol. Cell. Biol. 28, 4915-4926. PMID: 18541663

Stephen M. Fuchs, T.J. Rutkoski, V.M. Kung, R.T. Groeschl, R.T. Raines (2007). Design of Ribonuclease A Variants with increased cytotoxicity by improved cellular uptake. Protein Engineering Design and Selection (Cover article), 20, 505-509. PMID: 17954521

R.N. Laribee, Stephen M. Fuchs, and B.D. Strahl. (2007). H2B ubiquitylation in transcriptional control: a FACT finding mission. Genes and Development, 21, 737-743. PMID: 17403775

Stephen M. Fuchs and R.T. Raines. (2007). Arginine grafting to endow cell-permeability. ACS Chemical Biology, 2, 167-170. PMID:17319644

C.M. Jewell*, Stephen M. Fuchs*, R.M. Flessner, R.T. Raines, and D.M. Lynn. (2007) Release of proteins from polyelectrolyte thin films. Biomacromolecules, 8, 857-863. * contributed equally PMID: 17269822

Other Articles

Stephen M. Fuchs and Brian D. Strahl (2011) Antibody recognition of histone post-translational modifications: emerging issues and future prospects. Epigenetics, June 2011. PMID: 22122332

Stephen M. Fuchs and Sibby Anderson-Thompkins. (2011) Train-the-trainer: A different approach to responsible conduct of research. POSTDOCket, Spring 2011.


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